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Spoovo The Pirate
Sep 29, 2012
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Aug 5, 2017

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Spoovo The Pirate

Meep!, 30, from The land where men wear skirts

Article Contributor
    1. ZoroDark
      Hey we're opponents for Samph's Height tour. I'm on randomly throughout the day, but I'm always on between 9-11am my time, which is GMT -5. What alts do you use?
    2. Virizion
      Yeah it's a little weird...

      And yeah I see what you did there, oh dear. :'D
    3. Virizion
      Is it okay if I make some edits on the wiki such as removing Donphan's UU analysis as it is OU? Thanks!
    4. MetalGross
      It's something 'Praise the Sun' knight, but I don't know exactly what the knight is too :P
    5. Virizion
      Okay, thanks a lot (to both answers)!!! :D
    6. Virizion
      Yeah, I should have some time to spare to have a look at some analyses. Thanks for the note btw. :)

      Also, would it be better to move Regigigas' Offensive Passed set to OO, because I've found that it seems to lack use from now on, but it's up to you.

      EDIT: Do I have to press Publish on Preview? It may seem stupid but my memory's a little rusty, I haven't edited anything on the Wiki for so long. ;-;
    7. Virizion
      Regigigas Analysis On The Wiki: Complete.
      Floatzel Analysis On The Wiki: Complete.
      Amoonguss Analysis On The Forum: Complete.
      Kingdra Analysis On The Forum: Complete.

      Do you want me to look around for anything that needs updating on the PO Wiki e.g. Outdated Analyses? Thanks!
    8. MetalGross
      I was looking for a cool pic that had a Solrock in it and this was perfect
      http://i.imgur.com/TIBi8.png that is a bigger variant should be easier to see what it actually is
    9. Epikhairz
      LOL well I am very honored :D.
    10. Virizion
      Wondering why those Wikis didn't appear, will re-do them tomorrow or the day after. Tomorrow is the final day of school before 6 week Summerbreak anyways! :D
    11. Hobbes2
      Crap, completely forgot, sorry. I'll work on it when I can
    12. Virizion
      Lol, I couldn't sleep because of next doors party and we had to have cops / police around, so yeah I've had hardly any sleep. So yeah I'm tired.
    13. Virizion
      Sure. I got the day off today so I should be able to do both and draw my Fakémon for the Competition!
    14. mibuchiha
      I disagree that it is worse than games. The story isn't all that different, you just happen to have the gameplay to distract you away rather than endure the crappiness of the story.

      The manga is somewhat better, but not enough for me to follow lol. The only official pokemon things I follow is the movies. Other than that, pokemon to me is just a bunch of maths called battling.
    15. mibuchiha
      Naruto sits in the middle-low tier to me. There are other truly crappy ones.

      Like Akikan.
    16. mibuchiha
      Anime can be hard to watch for the widest of reasons.

      On one side we have titles like Clannad, so sublimely beautiful that we wish the world is as it is there.

      On the other side we have so terribly bad anime that we cringe just to think that it was produced by supposedly human beings...

    17. mibuchiha
      She is. Perfect woman, perfect partner.
    18. mibuchiha
      Do you know the girl in your avatar or you simply find the picture cute?
    19. AmourShipper
    20. Xdevo
      Right click any name and check the ranking, you can then change the tier and search for any player you choose.
    21. MetalGross
      Oh alright :)
      If you don't find me on MetalGross I'll prolly be on 'The Usurper' which is my forum challenge alt
    22. MetalGross
      big difference :O
      anyway, I'm on a lot in the mornings if that works for you
      also, what alts do you normally use?
      (07:49:34) ±QueryBot: spoovo the pirate was last seen: Fri, 15 Mar 2013 23:00:00 GMT
    23. MetalGross
      hi we're opps for growing into giants
      I'm GMT -5
    24. Dr. Fuji
      Dr. Fuji
      Just back for a week I'm leaving again on the 14th but I'll be fairly active until then.
    25. puregenius
      maybe heh
      and yeh i am, good stereotype lol
    26. puregenius
      weird, im one of the most chill guys ull meet lol
      uve probably only seen me when im annoyed
      and thanks for the tip, definitely faster than before
    27. puregenius
      oh yeh why are u surprised i joined lol
      pretty much everyone on po is a pokemon enthusiast
    28. puregenius
      oh i see well thats anti climatic lol
      ill stick it out for a bit and see if i like it i guess
    29. puregenius
      hmm posted twice by accident and cant delete

      why did the boy drop his ice cream?
    30. puregenius
      i got the poke egg game, what do i do now :o
    31. Hannah
      Eyebrows and rules are overrated!

      I'm much better than any other loli though :<
    32. Hannah
      My lolis will always be the kawaiiest.
    33. ZoroDark
      lmao well it doesn't for me. Some picture from zerochan.net comes on saying "use the share links provided instead"
    34. ZoroDark
      no :( maybe just post the link or idk
    35. Fuzzysqurl
      DNS-based Blackhole List (DNSBL) means you can't access the site from that IP because it was blocked to help stop spambots.
    36. Virizion
    37. Virizion
      I have today off, and maybe tomorrow. I then won't get anymore weekdays off until sometime in July.

      Also, I have edited the Regigigas Analysis - Check it out! :D
    38. Virizion
      I'll try and do as many as possible, I'll work my way down the priority list (provided that I'm not busy with homework). I definitely will leave some though, so other people can write some analysises.

      I'll do Floatzel later today if I have the time, and then I'll probably do 1 or 2 analysises every 1 or 2 days (excluding Wednesday, where I won't do any at all). :)
    39. Virizion
      Ima gonna get 1250+ again in UU and finish the UU Analysises List (after Floatzel), I WANNA BE A QC DAMNIT! :3
    40. Finchinator
      Yes <3
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