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Spoovo The Pirate
Sep 29, 2012
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Aug 5, 2017

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Spoovo The Pirate

Meep!, 30, from The land where men wear skirts

Article Contributor
    1. Dzi
    2. Dzi

      No, I don't remember that Audino became LU at some point.
    3. Virizion
      So did you do anything or are doing anything for your 1K milestone?
    4. the shy narcissist
    5. Virizion
      You're welcome! :D
    6. Virizion
      Lol, just suggesting! xD
    7. Virizion
    8. The Real Elmo
      The Real Elmo
      yup. I graduated Friday! so, I am free for the summer now.
      I would have done stuff today, but I got kidnapped and taken to Ikea. Delicious food was had, and lots of stuff bought ^_^
    9. The Real Elmo
      The Real Elmo
      Hey Spoovo.
      Hopefully I'll be able to get around to posting in a lot of the current analysis threads this weekend.
      I pretty much took the past week off from everything after finishing up my associate degrees >_>

      sorry if its caused any difficulties!
    10. Dzi
      Hey, I only took the top 200 pokemon based on the usage stats (no Abomasnow, Illumise, Bronzor, Ariados). Should I include those..?
    11. Dzi
      Ya Elmo, Meeps and NU's tier leader, CasedVictory. :3
    12. Dzi
      Yup lower tiers is my specialty but theres a lot players better than me. :3 I'm trying to learn Ubers but I'm too lazy so.. lol
    13. Dzi
      Well, I like the current LU meta with Gastrodon doing good. I'm bad at Ubers/OU/UU so idk if they're good.
    14. Dzi
      NU is my favorite tier so no problem. ^^
    15. Dzi
      Ohh. Sure, I can do that. :3
    16. Dzi
      Yup, I will mention the new drops in the Checks and Counters section when needed. :3
    17. Dzi
      Cool! So, all of the names that are in italics are the only pages that needs updating or I should check them one by one? :))
    18. Dzi
      Hey Spoovo, is it okay if I edit some of the outdated analyses on this page?
    19. Virizion
      You should do something for your 1K Milestone Post! :D
    20. Dzi
      Just found out that there was a hyperlink there. ._.
      Seviper OP!
    21. Dzi
      Why did you replaced Ampharos with Seviper in your sig? :o
    22. The Real Elmo
      The Real Elmo
      yes. he does nothing. Like, ...., nothing......
    23. The Real Elmo
      The Real Elmo
      Actually, at the speed with which we seem to be getting stuff done as of late, I see no reason to wait on an upload.
      I mean, the worst thing that could happen is that we have to alter/take down an analysis, lol.
    24. The Real Elmo
      The Real Elmo
      My gut reaction is to start writing them up, as at least a few of them are going to stay.
      The only reason I would hesitate to start writeups is because we haven't seen how a lot of the drops fit in to the new metagame yet (like Gardevoir), so we don't exactly know WHAT the standard sets are.

      It's perfectly fine to get wireframes up though. We can update those throughout this coming month if need be, and update them to the wiki if we're satisfied ^_^
    25. Slowkii
      Nah, only 2 isn't that bad :3

      Thanks anyway :D
    26. Slowkii
      I can upload and write up fine ^^

      Its just I am currently busy will do ASAP, thanks for offering :3
    27. Dr. Fuji
      Dr. Fuji
    28. Virizion
    29. Virizion
      Close, the North-East Midlands in the UK. ;)
    30. Virizion
      Ouch! I live about 5 miles away near a reservoir, but the good thing is it's very quiet and nice round there.
    31. Virizion
      That's me! ;) I catch the bus ridicously early due to how long my house is away from school which explains my reason for it.
    32. Virizion
      Okay thanks, I'll try it tomorrow as I'm helping out at this thing and when I get back I'll be working on Cobalions OU analysis!
    33. Virizion
      Everyone's special. :)

      Anyways, considering I'm new to the PO Wiki environment as you may know, when an analysis gets approved, how do I post it to the forums? Like which button do I have to press? pnerd's thread confused me. ;)
    34. Virizion
      Lol haha. :)

      You don't seem weak and pathetic, that's me. xD
    35. Angel Flonne
      Angel Flonne
      Not sure, life is killing me

      Also, I'd read if gay fanfic

    36. Virizion
      Aw. Don't worry about it. :')
    37. Dr. Fuji
      Dr. Fuji
      Haha I don't mean to intimidate anyone I'm definitely another of those social hermits. I can assure you I'm quite harmless.
    38. Virizion
      I would normally do one three times a week but since I've only decided to help PO by helping the wiki, it doesn't seem like it.

      *JUST READ THE POST BELOW* Lol. I'm 13, in 8th grade/Year 9. ;)

      And yeah you do seem like a nice guy as I've said before! :)
    39. Angel Flonne
      Angel Flonne
      Feedback and opinions on... What? :x
    40. Virizion
      Well for that and you seem like a nice person!

      I'm probably gonna do analysises twice a week as I have school now. ;)
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    Dec 15, 1989 (Age: 30)
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