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Oct 5, 2012
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Dec 29, 2018

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    1. Luck>Skill
      Hey, when do you want to play for OGT? I'm GMT+1, and tomorrow is probably a good day to play as it is Sunday. Let me know.
    2. Arifeen
      when play gmt +6 free at nights til 10pm
    3. Edna
      Hi when play LC?
    4. The Dude
      The Dude
      Hi we have to fight for NU tour, sorry for late VM but thought I'd see you on server but you haven't been on in like 5 days. So, yeah. I'll try be on most of tomorrow.
    5. Atli
      Hey, I was afk and I just saw your pm on server lol. I can play basically everyday between 2pm-6pm and 9pm-1am gmt +2, let me know what works best for you
    6. SOMALIA
      When is a suitable time for you to play Mega evo battle royale, I am gmt+1 and am free tomorrow pretty much all day and on Sunday 8:30pm-1am(so Monday morning for me)
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      2. SOMALIA
        What's your timezone bro in that case
        Jul 23, 2015
      3. Froggy
        GMT -5
        Jul 25, 2015
      4. SOMALIA
        That's a bit too late, if you can come earlier it would be appreciated.
        Jul 26, 2015
    7. viamage
      alright im -5 as well, so it shouldn't be a problem to schedule I'll look for you online in a couple of hours and maybe we can get something on the spot
      1. Froggy
        I am online now, idk how long for though cause I might leave to take a 4 hour practice test
        Jul 14, 2015
    8. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      ok go play weekwnd

      if possible in the morning
      1. Froggy
        you still on now? lol i just got on
        Aug 22, 2014
    9. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      hi man when you stay on i stay in pokemon online nick kaell

      if you can i want to play today =]
      1. Froggy
        yeah like i said, today does not work well for me. i thought we agreed on weekend?
        Aug 21, 2014
    10. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      i am on in pokemon online with nick kael.
    11. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      Hey man you can to play now???
      1. Froggy
        for what?
        Aug 20, 2014
    12. Finchinator
      uucl fite gmt-4 afternoons / evenings wen fite
      hi we need to fight for bw2 lower tiers tour. Like.. by tomorrow :x
      I'm GMT+5 but I'm usually on late at night (like up to 3am) so uh yeah just tell me when you can be on tomorrow and I'll try and make it
    14. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      Hi I'm your opp for the b/we lower tiers tournament. The aliases I will likely be on would be Kurumi Tokisaki and Victini. I'm +8 GMT. When do you want to play? I prefer playing around 8pm to 10pm my time but I can play on some afternoons and only in the morning on Saturdays. Please VM back ty
    15. CAUSE & EFFECT
      Alright how about 1:00 pm on the same day? The reason Im trying to get this done is because I have a very busy week next week. I will be attending a Police Academy this upcoming semester and alot of requirements must be filled in a short amount of time. I should still be able to fit in some games later in the week but I much rather get them done early in the week preferably Monday or Tuesday.
      1. Froggy
        Hmm monday early in the day just is not great 1pm is probably worse for me, you able to play tomorrow or even tonight? I can do about any time tomorrow and will be on for a couple more hours tonight prolly
        Jul 13, 2014
    16. CAUSE & EFFECT
      Alright bro. The deadline is fast approaching. I dont know if you got my last PM or not because you did not respond, but I am US Central Standard time(UTC-6). If it is ok with you I would like to get the matches done on Monday, July 14 at 11:00am CST. Let me know if this is ok with you.
      1. Froggy
        10am monday my time is not really a great time for me, but i will try, but does any other time work for you? Also deadline is still 9 days out so we have a good chunk of time to plan around, but i am cool with getting this done sooner then later.
        Jul 12, 2014
    17. Fegelein
      hi wen we fite
    18. Afro Smash
      Afro Smash
      I gave Arte line up
    19. Radli
      We are opponents for POWC. When would you like to play? I am GMT+4.
      1. Froggy
        i am gmt -5, i am good with most times, just let me know when your available and i can try finding a way to get on, mornings or late night my time are best but let me know when you want :>
        May 29, 2014
    20. SongSing
      get on po lets fite uu
    21. Finchinator
      Hey, UU Minitour fight for semis

      GMT-4, I see you a bit so should be fine
      #Project NU, #Tournaments, etc. --- I will be on most weeknights and over the weekend.
    22. Mortimer the Mighty Bagon
      Mortimer the Mighty Bagon
      Sub me out next week; I'll be too busy with finals to play. ~Mortimer the Mighty Bagon_n
      1. Froggy
        got it ^^ thanks for letting me know and gl on finals!
        May 3, 2014
    23. dodrio watcher
      dodrio watcher
      sorry i need to be subbed out this week since i'm leaving tomorrow at 3:30 and arent coming back until sunday
      1. Froggy
        you didn't want to communicate this earlier? :x ok i guess (your not able to play sunday when you get back?)
        Apr 23, 2014
    24. Alf
      Hi, when do you want to play for the powc ? I'm GMT+2. I'll be on all the day tomorrow (friday) and Sunday. Let me know what's best for you.
    25. Virizion
      "Froggy, I was only giving an example. Sorry if it did make you mad, but you're not subbed out yet. Hey, at least it proves you are active now."

      You can still play your opponent btw. I did say until tonight lmao, and obviously it proves that you're active. :P

      Good luck though! :)
    26. Kumiho
      We are opponents for Generations Change my timezone is gmt -4 when can you play
    27. llvallejoll
      Hey, we are opponents for HGSS Tour, when do you wanna play?
      I'm GMT-5
    28. Kland
      get the fuck on irc now you've been subbed in for dunk and show more acitivty pls
    29. DSM01
      UU TDKD tour, I'm GMT -8, should be available most of the weekend.
    30. Rioku
      That is one really cool avatar.
    31. ZoroDark
      awesome avatar :)
    32. Finchinator
      We have to battle for the XY UU Top Down Knock Down Tournament, Round 2.
      I am GMT-5 and have decent activity this week. From Monday to Friday, I will be on and off from 5pm-10:30pm, with increased, more consistent activity later in that window. Over the weekend, I am pretty busy, but I will be online on Saturday night, probably, and Sunday before mid-afternoon when I go out to watch the Super Bowl.
    33. Ortheore
      Hey, we're opponents for that LC thrifty (or w/e it's called) tour. Any how my timezone is GMT+11, and I can potentially be on any time between 10 am and 11pm (I don't really have regular hours, but like I said, I can be on whenever during that interval). Also I still need to make a team without knock off somewhere on it so that might take a little bit.
    34. Isa
      should be on during the weekend during swedish hours
      I only use Isa-, Isa-AFK and Isa-Phone, and if I am using any of the latter two I cannot play, so yeah
    35. Windblown
      Sounds good, I'll try to find you on those days
    36. Windblown
    38. bugzinator
      I'm at UTC/GMT(0).
      I will be available to battle from 5pm-11:30pm today, and roughly the same hours throughout the week.
    39. puregenius
      i am online now lol
    40. puregenius
      hey man when do u wanna play for ltt?
      im gmt +10 free most weekends
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