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Oct 8, 2012
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Sep 29, 2014

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    1. tesung
      were matched up for pocl I'm gmt -4 would prefer to play on weekend
    2. Cameltoed
      Hey, tell me when u can play. I should be after smogtour, otherwise I surely can tomorrow, always around smogtour timing
    3. TGMD
      Hey man, we're battling for POWC. I left my details in a vm on smogon forums, as it's easier for me to contact on there and based on the last time you've been online here, I'm assuming it is for you too :o
    4. Lelouch V
      Lelouch V
      unfortunate. Was at a social event and therefore couldnt find time to play. I can play tommorow or over the weekend.
    5. Lelouch V
      Lelouch V
      Thursday night sounds good (Y) Friday's for partying!
    6. Lelouch V
      Lelouch V
      What time would work for you?
    7. Aurist
      ok um, i'm potentially free on friday, would that work for you?
    8. Aurist
      hey, i'd prefer it if i had the week to prepare, as well as having work in the week. you available on the weekend?

      im GMT+0 but my sleep schedule is unpredictable
    9. DarkTar
      oks np with time zone, im gtm-7
      im on all the days in the evening, my nick is [IDM]Darktar in PO server, u can find me easily
    10. ●Møhican
      sure im coming online now
    11. ●Møhican
      me and you playing all star, i'm gmt +12 gimme a time yeah
    12. Aurostox
      Hi, we have to play for all star week, my GMT is currently +2
    13. Hannah
      Hi SAO was a horrible anime. I'm GMT +8 and I'm a bad battler.

      Just find me on server since I'm on most of the time.
    14. _DRAKE
      Hi man, sorry for late reply but I haven't had Internet for a while =/ I noticed my team btw. Good luck in the tourny ^_^
    15. Captain
      Hey I'm also EST, Im free normally after 11pm though, If not then im free all weekend, Look for me in team Canada channel
      Good luck.
    16. ALLALA
      hey hope to battle you today
      Find me in PO in #USSR
    17. Finchinator
      You're a loser, SMFH
    18. Andeby
      Send me a message when you`re ready. Here or on IRC (or Smogon). I`m always on #pokemon on Synirc as well. Mostly on alts when I`m on PO, so don`t expect to find me there.
    19. Andeby
      Hi! I am GMT+1. Would tomorrow (friday) or saturday work for you? Somewhere between 16-21 your time would be ideal for me.
    20. Finchinator
      So uhm...
      (22:17:54) Texas Cloverleaf: wepwn was approached by a user claiming to be kirito, they played and the user crit wepwn to win. I later spoke to finch who informed me du was never on during the time they played so we agreed to consider the match dead given that it never happened
      Lol....You didn't come on last night, on a different IP, and battle - right?
      If not, which I suspect, someone impersonated you on an IP that has no alts known to the public O_O
    21. + Shogarth
      + Shogarth
      Yes, may i can, i'll be on the server "Groudon Grottos" as i can, so u can check if i'm there in that hour.
    22. + Shogarth
      + Shogarth
      We need to play for POWC, when can you battle?
      I'm GMT+1, and you can find me as "Harek" or "-Joga-" in Beta server.
    23. ZodiaK
      hey, i'm your pocl finals opponent, I play on Xclus|ZodiaK and GMT+1/Paris.
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