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Apr 25, 2010
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Jul 19, 2020

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I see what you did there, from Tampere, Finland

    1. PokemonEliteTrainerEileen
      Have anybody Pokemon x or Y or omega ruby or alpha saphire if you have give me your friendcode for trade or a battle :)
    2. Duster
      hey lamperi,
      What was the exact qmake command you used for generating the 2.4.1 makefiles? I tried to compile a version a bunch of different ways, but i can never start the executable..
    3. yiran
      What happened to the Mac version? :s
    4. coyotte508

      I need to see you to have some info to sort out some stuff with the server!
    5. Tyki
      Lamp, you want any idea what's going on with .poreplay files not saving anymore? It was working fine until the last update, and youtube really needs them :\
    6. Mr.Anonymous
      I miss when you use to play mafia.
    7. Tyki
      Yea, I've been doing that. I just told you cause I got Coyo to test it out with me and there is no trace there.
    8. Tyki
      Hey Lamp, I'm getting a problem with the new battle window on the mac version. When spectating it occasionally lags PO so I can't see the battle go on or even chat in a channel. So far no PC players have had this problem.
    9. Crystal Moogle
    10. Sasha The Legend !
      Sasha The Legend !
      hlo lamperi
      can u plz tell me stuff about PO on mobile phones ?
      I have Nokia N8 can PO be able to be installed on it somehow ?
      I have symbian bell on it .... What should i do to get Po on this mob ?
    11. coyotte508
    12. Ajinkya
    13. zeroality
      Lam, I tried doing the work on my laptop because my shoulder keeps hurting at the desktop but I can't do it without external mouse. Haven't bought one yet.

      So I'm gonna take a nap for my shoulder to feel better then I'll come back and do the work at my desktop. I have the files mostly figured out and it shouldn't take me long after I wake up.
    14. zeroality
      Want to answer this guy, if you get time?
    15. zeroality
      Lamperi wait.

      Ethan made a commit so my edit didn't go through for tiers.xml

      Can you update after you bring it up, then bring it up again?

      Edit: Guess you didn't see this VM. I crashed the server again. Can you bring it back up?
    16. zeroality
      FYI: I have an older celeron machine with Windows XP. I'll give you VNC to it if you want to use it for testing. (saw the thread about volt switch)

      I'm on a router so I can leave it 'always on' - I don't use it at all. Turned off atm.
    17. zeroality
      If you don't have any luck finding someone to compile for Leopard, let me know and I will make a forum notice (only for registered users).
    18. チャンピオンワタル
    19. チャンピオンワタル
      Well, the situation has been solved now, as the person responsible for what happened last night has already admitted to what they did and apologized, so I guess everything is fine now :)
    20. Heather Star
    21. .Rawr!
      Ty man for the Bug forum help!
    22. A Moon Gust
      A Moon Gust
      Hey Lamperi can you unban me.Its past six weeks and its June 11st. k thnx
    23. zeroality
      Thanks Broperi.
    24. zeroality
      Desktops are 3.5" right?
    25. zeroality
      I was wondering if laptop hard drives are SATA? My sister sold me her laptop (yay, should get it soon!) and I was wondering if my SATA-to-usb adapter would work if I needed to take out the hard drive. I've used it on several desktop HDDs but not sure about laptops.
    26. PoignantLyrics
      Genuinely feel so foolish having missed it. I take a few days out to enjoy local culture and do group revision with friends, and forum Mafia sign ups start. Just my luck.
    27. Viderizer
      Sitten en voi kopioida IP:tä suoraan adv connectionista ;~;

      EDIT: Servu.
    28. "Bad To The Bone" Balla
      "Bad To The Bone" Balla
      i managed to get onto forums i just reset my router. lol
    29. Xinc
      Hey Lamperi? What does it mean when PO's error 5: connection timed out?
    30. Dr. Fuji
      Dr. Fuji
      Yah new ideas just kept popping into my head I should've put them all together sorry about that won't happen again.
    31. Ethan
      Thank you very much with the help on the Trivia script. Please keep me updated as well! :)
    32. zeroality
      Haha awesome.
    33. zeroality
      (20:42:04) kokoloko: he changed the announcement to "LAMPERI IS [PICTURE OF HIM LOOKING CREEPY AS FUCK WITH A COFFEE CUP] WATCHING YOU"
      (20:42:09) zeroality: lmao
      (20:42:12) zeroality: i gotta see that pic
    34. Hobbes2
      SlimCognito - April 18th, 2012
      I had a GIF avatar for a few months and didn't get pwned by anyone.
      Just more proof that I AM TITAAAANIIIIUUUUUMM.

      This world '-' it lacks justice
      In seriousness, sorry won't do again :3
    35. Ozma
      Rule 13: Impersonating authority members
    36. Elements
      check my dc topic
    37. Blitzamirin
      Hey Lamp

      I noticed the "Street Pkmn" thread (tier where there are no rules, Mimic Glitch etc.). I was wondering what is your progress on this :o
    38. Ozma
      It's nearly 1996!!
    39. Ozma
      Congratulations on one-thousand, nine-hundred and ninety-five posts good sir.
    40. Elipticus
      un ban me pease
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