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Apr 25, 2010
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Oct 22, 2018

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I see what you did there, from Tampere, Finland

    1. Expert Belt Latios
      Expert Belt Latios
      Thanks for unbanning me.
    2. PO Gold
      PO Gold
      The recent thread linked no guidelines. Also, the users should be aware of the moderation guidelines, thats common sense.
    3. Karppi
      Sullahan on se PO enemmän päällä kuin mulla oli vuos sitten. Ja katoin itekin sitä tänään tv:stä. Huomenna pitäis tulla viel siitä se kolmas osa tai no tän yön jälkeen.
    4. Karppi
      Tapahtukos tänään enään mitään mielenkiintoista sen jälkeen kun poistit authis (=seurasko muut sua siinä, siirtyikö PNU toiselle servulle, bannattiinkö vielä joku illan tapahtumien seurauksena jne.)
    5. Gilad
      When i'm using the new client, i can't find any server on the registry. when i try to use advance connection, it says it logs (doesn't load anything, not player and announcement or anything), then after 5 minutes it says it disconnects.
    6. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      It doesn't seem as if anyone has posted the DW UU topic for the new tier changes. Could you at least get the combined stats for DW OU, and then get T-Dog or Deria to post it?

      Hell, give it to me, and I'll get it done tomorrow. Or hell, post it yourself! I don't really mind, but I would like the topic to be up ASAP.

      Thanks in advance, you sexy beast.
    7. PoignantLyrics
      I noticed, and it sucks heavily. Ah well, I'll participate in the next one!
    8. SteelEdges
      That's strange. If it matters, the community college is in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.
    9. coyotte508
      Hey, can you close the registry or move the DNS back (and close the current one) if it's fixed? Otherwise some servers are getting stuck on the old registry :)
      Also can you recompile the devel registry, the network commands order changed at the end (someone put a Command=60 in the middle of the network commands, I removed it but now registry needs to be fixed)

      Thank you!
    10. VictiniExpert2400
      May i be unbanned now. I've learned my lesson honestly.
    11. phagbag91
      can u help me get un banned my sister got me banned now i can't play at all
    12. Tyki
      Asking this here so I don't get flamed...

      Considering that you are (as far as I know) the main Mac programer of PO, I was wondering if the QR code plug-in has been implemented into the mac client yet. If yes, how would I get it? as I don't have it in my plug-ins folder. If no, is there an idea of when it would be implemented?

    13. twofivefive
      252Atk Choice Band Air Lock Rayquaza (+Atk) V-create vs 252HP/0Def Kyogre (Neutral): 48% - 56% (195 - 230 HP). Guaranteed 3HKO. 21% chance to 2HKO.

      Note that standard Kyogre is 4 HP 0 Def
    14. Hobbes2
    15. Ozma

    16. twofivefive
      That sounds good ^^
    17. twofivefive
    18. twofivefive
      If we want to make a Mafia role do we have to script it ourselves? As in, a new role with new conditions (not just standard attack/distract/guard/inspect).

      If so, where can I get the original mafia script? Is it in the serverscript?
    19. yiran
      Smaaaall script suggestion.

      (22:14:40) ±Dratini: your mute has expired.

      Capitalise y. x:
    20. Luck>Skill
      Hey Lamp, when you have time, could you please ban Jynx from the Wifi NeverUsed tier? Thanks a lot :3

      EDIT: nvm, I got nix to do it, sorry for wasting your time >_>
    21. ShadowRaider
      I Need help with my server.
    22. twofivefive
      Do we know what happened to the server?
    23. GreenWater10
      happy birthday!
    24. Glade
      Happy birthday, New Year's child :3
    25. Blitzamirin
      Happy B-Day =P
    26. twofivefive
    27. twofivefive
    28. Blitzamirin
      Hey Lamperi ^^

      The main page (www.pokemon-online.eu) still displays "across four generations (GSC, RSE, DPPt, and BW) in real time with trainers from around the world!". RBY is technically here, and should be added :)

      Thanks for your time ^^
    29. Galblade
    30. Galblade
      Mr Lamperi sir, I don't want to inform you of this on Christmas but Snow warning needs to be banned from LU. It was banned in UU and I was told that since its an ability ban each lower tier has to be done individually. It seems that LU was forgotten (or any of the lower tiers really, but NU had banned hail anyway).
    31. zeroality
      No, I don't know of any HTTP APIs. The only way I can think of to get thread ratings would be to write SQL queries to check the database - like Jirachier did to get the news displaying on PO site.
    32. coyotte508
      Mm, when i close a channel i keep getting asked about a server password...
    33. Prinny
      Sorry to bug you dood. Some people have been having issues in the Mafia Channel with a broken theme not getting past the join phase. They tried contacting you, so you're either sleeping or just busy on here. Sorry for the trouble.
    34. Tesla Elesa
      Tesla Elesa
      Can you please PM me the reason why my theme, WWII, was disabled? I spent a lot of time on it, and I hope it was a mistake, or there was a bug or something
    35. CrashinBoomBang
    36. Karppi
      Onko tours ja tournaments jo yhdistetty vai ollaanko niitä edes yhdistämässä enää. Ja hienosti onnistuin loukkaamaan jalkani joten kauhean helposti en oo pääsemässä PO:hon (pitää aina kävellä 2,5km ja nyt kun en pysty kävelemään). Enkä edes jaksanut kirjoittaa tätä englanniksi.
    37. - Lucario -
      - Lucario -
      Can i be unbanned? My ip addres is I think what happened was a range ban because ive never been on the server and im not on the banlist
    38. Shaymin
      I left you a PM on IRC, and I'm going to be away for a couple more days. I'm really ill and i need to get some rest. My dog also just died, so I've been dealing with that and this whole week has sort of sucked :/
      Sorry for the inactivity, I noticed my access was removed. That's ok I guess..
      But yeah, I'll see you in a few days.
    39. Django
      hey lamperi............. <3
      it works, many thanks
    40. liamc1997
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