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Nov 22, 2012
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Apr 10, 2020

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My Hax Makes Me Famous, Male, 21, from Between Worlds

    1. Foxy The Pirate(Ajali)
    2. TGMD
      Hey, we're battling for POCL. I'm GMT + 12 and I can battle after about 4 pm my time on weekdays, and pretty much whenever on weekends. When do you want to battle?
    3. Finchinator
      (16:12:34) MewtwoHidden logged out.
      (16:12:41) Finchinator: +fingerscrossed: Did you figure out a replacement ?
      (16:12:41) Finchinator: +Finchinator: yes
      (16:12:41) Finchinator: +Finchinator: i subbed in mewtwohidden

      get back online
    4. Rioku
      Not sure yet. Probably tours.
    5. Rioku
    6. R1CH B00Y
      R1CH B00Y
      im here now, past 3 im gone its my birthday today :]
    7. R1CH B00Y
      R1CH B00Y
      im gmt -4, sunday 11am-2pm
    8. R1CH B00Y
      R1CH B00Y
      i cant play on saturday, but sunday late morning or early afternoon
    9. Zoroark
      Bro...what happened with the mafia theme project we were working on long ago?
      1. MewtwoHidden
        idk man you guys just got away from me i suppose
        Jul 29, 2014
      2. Zoroark
        Not true...I had the Pokemafia channel auto joined for a long time ( I lost the auto join because I installed Win7 and re-installed my PO client) and basically Joeypals lost full interest on it, he was more into tournaments (Not suprising) than into working on the theme.
        Jul 29, 2014
      3. Zoroark
        And since you were busy with your MA duties and the POWC (In that time) I just basically kept waiting...I'm not sure if the channel is still there...
        Jul 29, 2014
    10. Marina
      You suck more :(

      I'll be on as minnyuu for a thing I'm doing, so look for that. I'm in Tours and Tohjo generally, so I guess you can look for me there!
    11. Marina
      Hello tutor, I should be on a fair amount since it's summer, so you can expect me usually from 15:30 - 00:00 (GMT - 8), although some days I'll be on earlier and some days I'll be on later.
      by the way sao sux
    12. Enei
      don't even say thanks u cok :[
    13. Rioku
      Nope still dead.
    14. meeps
      WEN FITE
    15. Yagura
      Grats on MA~
    16. Shadow Sneak
      Shadow Sneak
      its a shame because i needed your help with something :<
    17. Shadow Sneak
      Shadow Sneak
      do you smogon?
    18. Mister Tim
      Mister Tim
      Check me on #USSR
    19. Zoroark
      Woah bro, people here hate on you for the smallest comment.
    20. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      Hi, we have to fight for the Hero Championship League. I just sent my Mac for repair and my friend lent me his laptop, so I'm still building a team. Furthermore just to respect my friend, I don't think it is right for me to download PO on my friend's computer, so I would prefer to play on PS (We will still play PO tiers ofc) I'm +8GMT, I'm caught up in school work so I can really only play between 8-9pm my time, hope you understand. If you give me a time, I'll try playing at that time, but honestly no guarantees here because of my restricted schedule and college likes to change my classes at the eleventh hour. Thanks for your understanding in advance and gl. Here is the link to Hero's thread page: http://heroclanforums.forumotion.com/t859-week-2-of-the-hero-championship-league#5822
    21. MetalGross
      Hi, we have to fight for HGSS tour I'm +1 and I have vaca this week so I'm pretty much able to play anytime, let me know something
    22. TGW
      Get on at PO's lounge server. PS is lagging like fucking hell.
    23. -Mike-
      It just wouldnt work, it just shows the folders and files

      Ill try again :x
    24. TGW
      Lets add some drama... League tour starts in 1 hour!!! *Drama music* xD
    25. MewtwoHidden
      I'm alive now so send the mourners away :c
    26. TGW
      Just for the record:
      (22:44:34) ±QueryBot: MewtwoHidden was last seen: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 13:09:31 GMT

    27. Rioku
      ded M2H ;~;
    28. Roku
      Yeah, weekend works great for me, I'm on on Pacific time at the moment, I should be on most of those days.
    29. Champ X
      Champ X
      No problem. Thanks for the support! :)
    30. Dangerous36M
      Alright, I'm 7 hours ahead (GMT+1). Are you okay with playing on Friday or Saturday? and was that a neg on the Skype thing?
    31. Dangerous36M
      What timezone are you in? And do you have Skype or something I can add you on?
    32. Rioku
      Hey Natsu, 火竜の咆哮
    33. Cloud7z
      Opponent for PCWC, wanna play this Friday?

    34. Amarillo Caballero
      Amarillo Caballero
      I'm free to play now if you see this. Otherwise I'd like to schedule a specific time we can both be on.
    35. Amarillo Caballero
      Amarillo Caballero
      Hey My computer is working now, I'm GMT -5 and I don't come on PO that much anymore so it would be much easier if we just decided on a time. I'm free basically whenever.
    36. Finchinator
      It is a shame, I liked your RMTs :/
    37. POAMT
      Please read the text in the first post of the signup thread, specifically the text underneath the banner.
    38. FrontierDarkness
      Oh alright,lol anyway when do you want to battle I'm 7 hours past you in time difference so we have to battle like in my evening/night which is your morning/noon
    39. ZoroDark
    40. Xdevo
      Right now I'm in both Project NU and Hangman. I don't go into to Tohjo because of the stupidity.
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