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Oct 8, 2010
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May 20, 2020

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Was yea ra chs ieeya., 29

    1. Riot Rhythm
      Riot Rhythm
      Lets just say I was just full of trouble and leave it at that lol.
    2. Riot Rhythm
      Riot Rhythm
      Oh I know haha. I look back only three years in like younger school and I think like wow I was such a moron XP
    3. Riot Rhythm
      Riot Rhythm
      ...it feels no different from 16. I bet 18 will feel the same to XP
    4. Riot Rhythm
    5. Riot Rhythm
      Riot Rhythm
      Mostly because of family that is over here. Im not even to sure. I was like 10 lol
    6. Riot Rhythm
      Riot Rhythm
      In the good old USAs hahaha
    7. Nexus
      -BATALHAR now
    8. Riot Rhythm
      Riot Rhythm
      Welllll. I used to live in Chiba. Not anymore though. Lol
    9. Virizion
      1) Yeah I guess, but just a suggestion.

      2) To change the time of how long the tours run for, but I kinda thought about it and I don't think it'll be suitable.

      3) I mean this to have different types of cauth on tournaments, and not just one - though to be honest it seems alright.

      4) Ah, okay.

      I kinda thought about it and neither of them really good ideas now to be honest.
    10. Virizion
      Yep, it'd be nice for say, a megauser (or any cauth, for this reason) to be able to 1) have the + next to their name, 2) to change the time of the signups of each tour, 3) to add "downgraded megauser", where they could make tours and possibly, tourmute people and 4) to remove other tours posted by a "downgraded megauser" if it is a bad idea to put that tier in the queue, however if may cause arguments so I'm not too keen on that suggestion.

      Would it be a good idea or a bad idea? ;)
    11. Nexus
      How about sunday at evening my time? GMT +5.30
    12. Virizion
      Wow, I thought Megausers could make other users, I knew mods could lol. Good luck winning tours and maybe popularising a tier even more! :D
    13. Riot Rhythm
      Riot Rhythm
      No !

      No !

      Pin Pon !
    14. Virizion
      Lol, I bet it feels good to be a megauser, because at least you can add tours and your mute people, even if that's all you can do, I'd love to be one (I know asking reduces chances).
    15. Virizion
      Yeah, it does depend on who it is. I could look from what queues people add (some still add GSC OU, right?) and ask the ones which are better suited for, some are ok, some aren't ok with the idea of having JAA tours quite commonly - to be honest it also depends of the type of person; some megausers (like you) take their job cool, however some take it seriously, so you gotta watch out for them at times.

      Thanks for the luck. ;)
    16. Virizion
      One reason why I would love to be a megauser like you haha.
      Would it be a food idea to ask other megausers such as ShowMeTheMankey to add them regularly? It may e a bad idea but then again in contrary it would be nice to "popularise" the tier named as JAA, and to get people more into the tier. Perhaps I should make a thread to get more people into it? The choice is yours. ;)
    17. Riot Rhythm
      Riot Rhythm



      A little more north!
    18. Virizion
      Yeah - I kinda think if you run say, a JAA your every hour, or at least make sure one is in the queue, we should be able to make JAA decently popular before coyotte and Moogle get Gen 6 Pokemon on the server (If they could, and I'd only play Gen 5 until I play Pokemon X and Y on the 3DS and find our myself what each Pokémon does and why)
    19. Virizion
      Ikr! xD We need more love for the tier instead of just me, you and a couple other playing the tier.
    20. Virizion
      JAA fun w/Mibuchiha. <3
    21. Azura
      It really has been ><'

      I haven't been much online lately, but it feels good to be back here :3

      Wanna try a monotype battle when I get home next time?
    22. sulcata
    23. sulcata
    24. Fabian
    25. Fabian
      you should be on my contact list
    26. Blitzamirin
      lol I gave you the win like, yesterday
    27. Finchinator
      Accept me as a frand, else I quit BF Review ;)
    28. Aurist
      i only just did it, because Umbreon just dropped out
    29. Aurist
      hey, you've been subbed in vs T-Dogg in the LU subforum tour, jsyk ~
    30. Finchinator
      When will you be on for Pokemon in Harmony Tour?
      I won't be on much, at all, today.-.
      But, I'll be pretty active throughout the remainder rod the week.
    31. Archerknight
      That's ok. It snowed a lot today, I might even be able to battle today.
    32. Archerknight
      Ok, np

      I'm less busy next weekend, what time do you want to do it?
    33. Archerknight
      As in Sunday, forgot it was already Sunday for you.
      I can do other times too, like next weekend.
    34. Archerknight
      Tomorrow 3pm GMT 0 ok?
    35. Mylo Xyloto
      Mylo Xyloto
      kk, i'll do it asap.
    36. Nikitas
    37. Azura
      Whoops... Ca. is short for cirka which is Danish for ''approximately''
    38. Azura
      I live in GMT +1, and will be online Saturday from ca. 20-23. If that time does not work out for you, I can find sometime else. What do you say to an NU battle?
    39. Azura
      nice :D However, it'll have to be in the weekend, since my school have a very restricted server. Btw, my name on PO's server is Celestine
    40. Azura
      It certainly looks nice!
      Btw, could we maybe have a battle someday? It could be fun to try fighting you :3
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