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Oct 8, 2010
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Feb 19, 2020 at 8:13 AM

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Was yea ra chs ieeya., 29

    1. dhhaxmaster
      Make it Sunday and you got a deal.
    2. dhhaxmaster
      See here's the thing. I can't guarantee anything on weekdays. The best time for me to do this is on weekends. I'll do my best to meet weekday times but no promises.
    3. dhhaxmaster
      I'd rather get donked than forfeit. Come at me.
    4. dhhaxmaster
      If you insist. I'll make my team and try to be on as much as possible.
    5. Mortimer the Mighty Bagon
    6. Mortimer the Mighty Bagon
      Mortimer the Mighty Bagon
      Give me a time range and a day this weekend, and I will likely be able to make it.
    7. Miffism
      Well, that certaintly sucks.
    8. Miffism
      Good Sir, I humbly request your participation in a duel. I should be on PO around 2:00pm - 4:00pm AEST (GMT + 10:00) Tomorrow in around 18 - 20 hours from now (give or take). I shall be vying for your Heaven Badge.
    9. puregenius
      how bout sunday night? i would like more time to prepare my team
    10. puregenius
      ok cool im +10
    11. puregenius
    12. puregenius
      When are u free?
    13. Sininchi
      Let me create team and we go!
    14. Sininchi
      I'm GMT +1 and available at 10.00 - 14.00 and 20.00 - 01.00
    15. WikeMON
      I don't think you're my opp for Mirror match? Or is it another tour?
    16. "Bad To The Bone" Balla
      "Bad To The Bone" Balla
      Oh shit I can't get onto PO until about 10:30pm gmt+10 tonight id we can do it then.
    17. Treecko
      hey lets play now, if you can
    18. Tyki
      Mirror Match. I'm pacific time in US. (GMT-7 with DST I believe)

      When is best for you?
    19. Emperor PPP
    20. Emperor PPP
      Emperor PPP
      Makes for convenience
    21. Emperor PPP
      Emperor PPP
      We have to battle in Mirror Match round 1
      Like we battled before, gl to you... I'll be around Tohjo I'm GMT +/- 0
      I can't quite remember your time zone... GMT + 8?
    22. Fate/Dracoflare
      I liked gil's (almost) naked scene lol
    23. Fate/Dracoflare
      Ah, that wonderful moment..........they really did the final moments of rider well. The dramatic music just made the scene more awesome.
    24. Finchinator
      I'm on all weekend pretty much
      I'm GMT -4
      anytime from 12-12 today
      and from about the same times tomorrow, there might be an hour or two im off, otherwise, ill be there
      [IMP]Finchinator, [IMP]Finchinator #2 are my main alt's if you wanna find me
    25. Emperor PPP
      Emperor PPP
      o god, I'm GMT +/- 0
      This will be akward-ish
    26. Annoying Orange
    27. Kumiho
    28. Treecko
      Ok, I just posted and sent the replay.
    29. Nexus
    30. Nexus
      Did you PM the team for Waterfall tour? If yes,When do you want to play?
    31. Fate/Dracoflare
      I don't know HA's story but heard it has to do with some time space w/e :x

      But Fate could use a sequel or a special where all the heroic spirits can meet and interact etc......works for fanfictions
    32. Fate/Dracoflare
      I liked FSN(not the anime) but yes in FSN gil's character was bad.
      Only part I liked were his parting words before his death.

      But you can say his character lost its charm a bit because he roamed with mongrels for 10 years :p
    33. Mylo Xyloto
    34. Manxer
      why u don't play WC with us?
    35. Fate/Dracoflare
      Rider will die a painful death which includes chains :<

      But they gave a nice ending to his character.
    36. Fate/Dracoflare
      I also happen to understand why I like f/z so much. It is very very different from the usual shonen anime in which the hero ends up saving every thing in the world. Fate zero in contrast is like a epic novel which narrates a story instead of concentrating on one kid who somehow manages to beat the villains with superpowers.

      Fate zero will stay the best anime in my heart. :p
    37. Fate/Dracoflare
      I couldn't wait. And the quality was okay. It's not like I am gonna watch it only once.
      I think I watched each episode of season 1 hundred times and I am now downloading the BD rip.
    38. Fate/Dracoflare

      Just watched ep 14!
    39. Mystra
      As soon as I've read the 1st PM.
    40. Mystra
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