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Oct 8, 2010
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May 20, 2020

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Was yea ra chs ieeya., 29

    1. Mystra
      Well, ip is kind of like a number xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. And it does not usually change completely (first parts are usually the same) even with dynamic addresses. blahblahblah. whatever. Just don't use alts I don't know %)
    2. Mystra
      Don't write something that looks like you are saying bs to me without any explanation whatsoever :\

      And from an alt with completely different IP to boot.
    3. Mystra
      Don't. Do. That. (~_~)
    4. Ozma
      I tried talking, got banned too.
    5. Blitzamirin

    6. Manxer
      hmm, I agree with you, but I still find it somewhat broken, and when it needs prediction to take it down, then it's not reliable, and therefore the arguments for it may not be strong as much

      but anyway, having a come back might be a good thing, since OU is a dynamic tier (but that's why I prefer Uber much much more, I don't like the idea spending a whole load of time testing and completing a team, then just a shift in metagame and it's completely out-of-date)
    7. Manxer
      hmm, why you vote no ban, I want to hear your opinion
    8. Harlot
      if you're on later, hit me up, i'll be on the server
    9. Mashura
      My iPod's always signed onto Skype.
    10. Mashura
      Please do so. I could use some contacts.
      (My only one besides you so far is Ozma.)
    11. Mashura
      I have a few. Shinzo, Shiki, Blue Exorcist, Duel Masters and Saiyuki are my top 5 for #1.
      In no order whatsoever.
    12. Mashura
      I love that series. :3
    13. Mashura
      He's from Shinzo. His name is Mushra.
    14. Manxer
      check your PM
    15. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      I guess I'd prefer UU, but if the third would prefer UU I could always go NU
    16. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Have any ideas on a third team member?
    17. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      I'd totally be down :D
      And my preferences would be UU or NU, so that would work.
    18. Manxer
      i would say it's the difference in the way we use words
    19. Manxer
      In Vietnam there are Hmongs too, but it seems your wife was born and grown up in Malay (wait so that means she doesn't know Vietnamese, how did she find that song, that song is about one year old)

      I'm currently trying to translate the song but still keep the meaning and the words as close as possible, quite a challenge for someone who sucks at writing like me
    20. Manxer
      And lemme guess, is your wife Vietnamese ?
    21. Manxer
      Translate a song? Hmm, well I'm not quite sure, I can try anyway, I give you my best shoot when I finish
    22. Manxer

      wow how did you find this :O
    23. Harlot
      yo you're my opp for the random poke tournament thing

      i'm gmt and im pretty flexible with times, so you can choose

      btw i cant play for the next 2 days because my laptop with po has no charger(!)
    25. SalvaPot
      It's ok, good luck in your battle!
    26. SalvaPot
      I'll be there =)
    27. SalvaPot
      Please tell me a time you can be connected and Ill be there
    28. SalvaPot
      Ill be connected all day, right now i am connected
    29. SalvaPot
      OK! My gmt is -8, so that might be a problem and also I am little buse this week, i can play on wednesday
    30. Django
      You've got a match to complete for the Weapon of Choice Tournament, post in the thread and arrange a time with your opponent SalvaPot
    31. DestinyUnknown
      my avatar? mm I don't know, its Ranamon but I think I have only use it in this forum :S
    32. sammy-jack
    33. 11wildy
      Well, not this weekend, I have no time then. Maybe monday, between 2:00 and 5:00 PM, my time?
    34. 11wildy
      We should battle for weapon of choice tour. What's ur timezone? Mine is GMT +1
    35. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      Haven't seen you today, how about the same time Thursday or Friday?
    36. Luck>Skill
      We are opps in the "where generations collide" tournament, and lately I've seen you only once, maybe it's better if we schedule a battle
    37. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      So couldn't make it today, will be on tomorrow 100%
    38. Coupe de Boule
      Coupe de Boule
      How about 8 pm (GMT +2) tomorrow or on wednesday?
    39. Fate/Dracoflare
      Do you know if the story line of fate hollow ataraxia has been made into a novel? I want to read it too...:x
    40. Eternal
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