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Dec 8, 2012
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Jan 23, 2014


Summer Spreader, from Unova

    1. JhenMohran

      Art Request Finished!
    2. Rioku
      Dude that's awesome. I've been wondering where I could make GIFs.
    3. Rioku
      The sprite shop traffic is a pretty on-off thing. For some reason no one has requested a Pokémon fusion or splice yet which has been weird. Anyways, PM me some sprites so I can add them to the original post.

      If I get any splice requests I'll let you do them.
    4. Rioku
      I-I somehow fixed my PC... it came back from the evil empty black screen! (note: empty black screen >>>>>>> blue screen of death, in short: EVIL)
    5. User Name
      User Name
      No need to name me, since if I'm not satisfied with your edits I'll edit them myself to get my name there :P
    6. User Name
      User Name
      Alright, some stuff you could start spellcheck with:
      Torkoal/5th Gen NU
      Armaldo/5th Gen NU
      Swanna/5th Gen NU
      Tangrowth/5th Gen LU
      Braviary/5th Gen LU
      Druddigon/5th Gen LU

      Feel free to browse the Wiki Subforum. You can build analyses and get critique or spellcheck/advise other's analyses.
      Note that neither I nor you (from what I know) are part of the Grammar Patrol; this is independent work :P
      But who knows, if you do well you might get a neat little award. Not from me, though. :3
    7. User Name
      User Name
      'Case you didn't notice, you have a wiki account now :D
      Hope to see you there. We need quite a few more contributors ;)
      If you've got good spelling/grammar we could def find work for you.
    8. Miffism
      I upload my images to imageshack and use the URL. I live in Australia.
    9. Miffism
      Umm, you sent your profile image instead of the Groudon/Dusknoir fusion.
    10. Miffism
      Since I'm not the boss of the shop, I can't give you a position unfortunately. You can message TheSpriterRocky for a position on staff. I would love to see your fusion of Dusknoir and Groudon, and use it in the banner, if you'll let me.
    11. User Name
      User Name
      I can try. XD
      Not sure how much I can help with, though \(:P)/
      But yes, I can give you general tips about various areas of the forum ;P
    12. SwagBuck
      yay~ i has 1 friend here =3
    13. Riot Rhythm
      Riot Rhythm
      Well sure why not :3
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