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Oct 10, 2010
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Dec 21, 2018

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    1. ZIAH
      >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o
    2. Platinum
      OK :3 see ya on Thursday ~
    3. Platinum
      Hi CBB, I can be available next week only from Wed, I think we can do our battle for the Gen Collide tour on Thu. What time are you free? I'm in GMT +8 btw :)
    4. XxWafflezxX
    5. Mattstah
      Finals next week. fuck
    6. GaryTheGengar
      Get on fucking msn once in a while
    7. GaryTheGengar
    8. iris
      Yea, we are usually on at the same time as each other. im GMT -6 so you name a time and ill see if i can make it. I have a holiday all this week so im pretty open
    9. Drifloon@Air balloon
      [email protected] balloon
    10. AnneWintour
    11. Django
      Karppi is on the server nao D:
    12. Lamperi
      Karppi Johns, he hurt his leg, GL facing him in the tourney >_>
    13. Django
      like. a. baws.
    14. Django
      >you playing ADV.
      well if you want to then go for it, I'm fine with that. And yeah, just send them to IFM whenever.

      (Lumi is playing OU btw)
    15. Django
      you appear to be mad
    16. Django
      YOU SUCK
    17. MunHoJun
      Hey Crash, wanna battle for the Middle Cup Tourney at 2PM EST Wednesday,October 26th? If I happen to see you on before of course we will battle . Good luck on team building.
    18. Eevee
      hmm, i'm really really really busy tonight (seriously geo is a terrible subject. D= )
      would Friday work? that's the best day for me, with today probably being the worst.
    19. Eevee
      i'm usually available around 5 - 7 PM gmt -8, which is pretty early for you, but if you can make it, that would be awesome.

      just message me on #dreamworld irc (I'm on as windsong) and i'll respond
    20. Django
      Bayern Braviarys lets get it.
    21. Django
      meh the other side will win anyway
    22. Django
    23. ZIAH
      fine -___-. have ur tier lol. i still think the majority will vote for wifi :P
    24. ZIAH
      who the heck am i betraying lol. i always supported teh wifi clause >.>
    25. ZIAH
      i wanna vote :/
      coz top 5 in dw uu atm lol
    26. ZIAH
      im too lazy to play for a team.
    27. ZIAH
      Bro i was forced lol. jcpdragonx, professor oak, darkdiglett. all threatened me to join hha. ill prbbli delete me signup post :P. andd fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck man i cant get on the server. been trying for 2 hours now. only got in once and lasted 1 minute b4 disconnecting. wtf is wrng with my connection. i only just managed to get into forums coz it fukin hasnt been working as well. bs man bs
    28. VuvuzelaΒzz
      SEE BEH BEH!! I'm been selected for a position as manager so I'm wondering if you wanna be in the team. The plan is for it to be mostly PNU ppl(we might need non-pnuers for stuff like triples). I'm thinking of you playing NU. You'll get to play Dingo for the spot. Loser will be a substitute. Pm/vm me whne you decide.

      EDIT: jsut figuredo ut the drafting shit.
    29. ZIAH
    30. ZIAH
      haha soz soz :P. im sure there are better candidates out there for a team lol
    31. ZIAH
      huh? wat u on about son lol. u planning to win this months tourrankings?
    32. Django
    33. Django
      na, imma sign up as a player but i don't wanna draft myself first D:

      so NEVAR
    34. Django
      HMMMMMMMMMM. Maybe
    35. ZIAH
      right to me is WIFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII haha
    36. Django
      i'm quitting if that happens
    37. ZIAH
      ./hate CBB

    38. Django
    39. ZIAH
      i think all LO poleons use the same moveset lol. only petaya berry different. but meh i wont vote then :3. Ill stick to OU hhe
    40. ZIAH
      lol not using sigilyph no more, me hippos physical now and i just changed me def empoleon to teh powahful agilimasta lol. nah but i reli wud like wifi clause hehe. shhh not in public, pm wen online
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    one does not simply "beat" kody

    [00:39:28] Edgar: cbb
    [00:39:38] Edgar: im havin tacos for dinner tonight
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