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Oct 10, 2010
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Dec 21, 2018

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    1. ZIAH
      bahahhaha wut, ur team...i dont even. and I LIEK DW UU. I WANT WIFI CLAUSE MUHEHE. id be no.1 if it had wifi clause tbh :P
    2. Drifloon@Air balloon
      [email protected] balloon
      Ill be honest, I'm more of a smogon guy than a PO guy. The community seems pretty nice although the tiers kind of remind me of Mysidia (aka bad?) although these tiers are probably better.
    3. ZIAH
      Nice support -__-.
    4. Drifloon@Air balloon
      [email protected] balloon
      Yo CBB remember me? I'm TrashTNT from mysidia o:
    5. ZIAH
      Lmao i timed my arrow wrng. Dnt get all excited nw lol. Effin dd sigging it >:o
    6. Django
      y u no follow logic

    7. ZIAH
      i got to 1250 in 11 battles lol. 39 more is time wasted :/
    8. ZIAH
      haha dont think i can vote though coz need 50 battles at minimum or some shit. bs hax. still a fun tier so ill be laddering there for abit. And wtf metagross is dw uu and mamo isnt -___-. stupid PO
    9. Django
      What is this I dont even
    10. Django
      No idea. Wifi da bez :>
    11. Django
      Rofl i've been busy. Y u mad about wifi?
    12. ZIAH
      Oof sori bout that, i went to get somting nd my gf exited my po haha. Nyways offto watch the game. Have fun on po lols. Hippo powah!
    13. ZIAH
      oh. what server is this. and i c u online lol
    14. ZIAH
      ill watch whenever u guys play it. what do u play it on anyways?
    15. ZIAH
      that doesnt sound fun at all lol
    16. ZIAH
      what is that?
    17. ZIAH
    18. ZIAH
      lol mate i has no problems with thundybro. My ninetales can beat even teh nasty plot 1 on 1. and i got mamoswine power and saswbuck powah :P. chea dw wud indeed be better with wifi clause. Why did it not have team preview when it was first implemented though?
    19. ZIAH
      lol yeh but hes always busy when i ask. he was working yesterday when i asked him heh. Damn im glad Thundy be gone lol. U dont like team preview?
    20. ZIAH
      Thundurus is now banned in Wifi OU and DW OU! announcement on PO lol.

      yehh i dont bother with suspect threads no more, coz o posts like that haha. I just saw Django last nyt. He dont seem keen on bo15 so meh lol. He said hell surely beat me though :P.
    21. Django
    22. Django
      Its pretty hilarious.

      Medicham da bez
    23. ZIAH
      errr u wrtoe:
      Well, at least thundurus is like 6-3 ban-no ban in DW lol.

      lol got me confused. ah well noone cares bout DW :p
    24. ZIAH
      lol its going to get banned on DW and Wifi. Good stuff good stuff. Bro SS is homo, hate using that shit. Suns the best weather to me. Everything else sucks lol.
    25. Roy Mustang
    26. ZIAH
      thundy be borked so i must kick it outta here lol. and cheaaaaa man i won he adv ou badge wohoo. came down to a rock slide flinch though. but cheaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    27. ZIAH
      what u mean lol
    28. ZIAH
      showoff lols. Bro u 24/7 on forums heh
    29. ZIAH
      lol fussy guy
    30. ZIAH
      just join em fool. djangos still there
    31. ZIAH
      Lol ima try and win this months tournaments lol
    32. ZIAH
      Bro, im as bored as you are. Id rather battle and lose than not battle at all lol. and i got haxed out anyways so meh. WU did say something bout the more types u knock out the better
    33. ZIAH
      lmfao. oh well
    34. Django

      cool story bro
    35. Django
      Well i always play like a braindead so you've got no chance against me
    36. ZIAH
      fuck that, if they read VMs.
    37. ZIAH
      lol removed but no infraction. archerknights stricter than a nazi!
    38. ZIAH
      thats what i said haha.
    39. champagne papi
      champagne papi

      I got something for you. Check your inbox.

      Fuck gliscor :3
    40. ZIAH
      lol nah those guys are just channel operators not MUs. we still the same MUs before dd lol
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