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Oct 10, 2010
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Dec 21, 2018

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    1. Django
      There is much you don't know about me cbb D:

      come back some more, NU could be getting good soon. Also, do you know where there is a list of all the adv 200 illegal egg moves?
    2. Popsicle
      you suck. get on again and play NU, i want a match. I FORGOT YOU WERE XEROS BEAT

      anyways, i don't play much anymore too..
    3. Bazz
      Lol, okay. Make sure you say hi next time. :3
    4. Django
      I'm loling
    5. Bazz
      We got Wifi NU now, come on back!
    6. champagne papi
    7. Annoying Orange
    9. Kazuchika Okada
    10. Kazuchika Okada
      Kazuchika Okada
      >3 players?

      We usually have lesser than that XD.
      Well, forget Global Casino, atleast come on the PO server. '-'
      I already am bored D:. The only thing keeping me here is the fact that I has so much free time
    12. Django
      Oh sheeeeet bro i was on holiday and missed you quitting D: anyway get something real done with your life rather than wasting time here :P come back sometime so I can hax you again '-'
    13. Kazuchika Okada
      Kazuchika Okada
      But you still lost. XD

      Anyway, lets get back to where we were..
      Get on the Global Casino for atleast once in a week, if you can.
    14. Mestre Nando
      Mestre Nando
      '-----' is a copy from our '-' , so you lose :3
      Now what ? xD
    15. Stofil
      You'll see '-'
    16. Stofil
      See? You so tempted.
    17. Mestre Nando
      Mestre Nando
      '-' not germany strong....

      '-' is brazilian stronf, my friend '-'
    18. Kazuchika Okada
      Kazuchika Okada
      Yeah right. And I killed it with Ice Punch. XD
    19. Popsicle
      alright then. have fun with life
      (inb4 infraction) po is a waste of time ._.
    20. Wulfert
      OMG CBB. I am going to miss you dude, bye.
      And remember........ '-'
    21. Mestre Nando
      Mestre Nando
      yea, might not look like, but people care about their friends they made here. It's important, even though most of us don't know each other personally, but we're still friends ^^
      Anyways, cya, good luck in life ^^

      Oh, yea: brazilian emoticon for you '-'
    22. Spoof
      It's a Brazilian emoticon, not a German one. '-'
    23. Popsicle
      i saw django but i think i was too tired or s omefin
    24. Popsicle
    25. The Dude
      The Dude
      See ya Crashing :(, I didn't know you all that well, but enjoyed whenever we battled. Have fun with your life :)
      Bye Bro :( Ima miss you. '-'-' Why so leave :(. Please do come on once in a while D:
    27. ZIAH
      Wow u serious? Well do come on every now and then when you have spare time lol, kicking ur ass in pokemon is one of the finer things in life lmao. Cyu around bruh! Deuces '-' !!
    28. Kazuchika Okada
      Kazuchika Okada
      Bye mate. I'll miss you :(
    29. -Manaphy--
      I'm sure going on here everyday or so (I have no idea lol) would get boring lol.

      And I will make sure the '-' does not fall in the wrong hands.
    30. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      D: CBB NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. K so my email is [email protected] (lol right) EMAIL ME CONTACT INFOS OR GIMME IT HERE. (or I will kill you)
    31. Narshen
      Ah, dude, seriously?!

      I understand the sentiments for sure, though, Pokemon is not particularly entertaining anymore. Have fun with whatever you choose to do but do stop by sometimes to play UU ADV or something, haha.
    32. -Manaphy--
      Just don't become a Tonico '-'
    33. Stofil
      Too bad you already prophetized your own demise, you'll be back eventually '-'
    34. twofivefive
      Bai CBB. ;-;
    35. Mestre Nando
      Mestre Nando
      cya CBB, was nice to meet ya. A last note for you, with a brazilian emoticon for you: '-'

      Will miss you, you're a nice person ^^''
    36. Bazz
      I'll miss you mate. And for the last time: '-'
    37. T-Dogg
      I'll miss you mate. As a going away present ... '-' (you'll never know how hard that was for me to type).
    38. Stofil
      No man, who's going to start the LU tours and lurk the PNU channel now? D:

      I command thee to stayeth
    39. VuvuzelaΒzz
      What happened to making NU a good tier? ;_; This is betrayal. Goodbye my friend.*stabs in liver*
    40. Bazz
      FUCK NO! You better come back at one point! Ich liebe dich! <3
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    one does not simply "beat" kody

    [00:39:28] Edgar: cbb
    [00:39:38] Edgar: im havin tacos for dinner tonight
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