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Dec 24, 2012
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Mar 12, 2018


Health, Beauty and Cosmetics!, from Portugal

    1. fitzy
      as per the activity criteria I feel like to get the battle done we should schedule a time.

      I'm available around 10:20am to 12:20 +1 tuesday before the deadline or could play later if you want to ask for an extension
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      2. fitzy
        how about 5pm sunday gmt +1
        May 31, 2017
      3. HBC
        Seems possible but can't u play earlier if we meet online? Not before Saturday tho.
        May 31, 2017
      4. HBC
        Hi, I'm here just to say that probably when we meet online we can fight.
        Jun 2, 2017
    2. Sam Holmes
      Sam Holmes
      Be my healthy beautiful whore & wear a lot of cosmetics
      1. HBC likes this.
    3. King sun
      King sun
      Hello we are paired for POT r2, I can play monday 6 pm gmt+2 , let me know.
      1. HBC
        I already messaged you on your profile page, go take a look. About that time, it won't be possible to do it due to finals, so we have to do it another day.
        Jun 12, 2016
    4. Ssj Pokemon Trainer/Mo
      1. HBC likes this.
    5. Conker
      I am available today. I'll be in my clan Channel [zodiac]. Thank you!
    6. Ssj Pokemon Trainer/Mo
      Ssj Pokemon Trainer/Mo
      Entraste No POWC?
      1. HBC
        Ya, vou inscrever-me agora. O ano passado é que foi fixe com a Team Portugal, ficámos em último mas foi giro ver lá uma equipa do nosso país xD
        Feb 22, 2015
      2. Ssj Pokemon Trainer/Mo
        Ssj Pokemon Trainer/Mo
        OK se queres-te juntar á equipa europa?
        Feb 22, 2015
    7. Ssj Pokemon Trainer/Mo
      Ssj Pokemon Trainer/Mo
      Oi sou eu o cavaco xD
      1. HBC likes this.
    8. Marqves
      Já agora o meu nome no server é David Marques
      1. HBC
        Agora já passei à 2ª ronda por falta de atividade tua... Para a próxima combina atempadamente quando entrares num torneio com o teu oponente :V
        Feb 16, 2015
    9. Marqves
      Estou à espera. Ainda estou dentro do tempo... por isso vê se apareces online.
    10. amber lamps
      amber lamps
      hi we have to play for the rby tour, when are you avaible for this?
    11. ToxiPuff
      Now I Know What HBC Means XD..
      1. HBC
        Not the three pokes, but you already know that right? :p
        Dec 4, 2014
    12. Weavile
      1. HBC
        Look, due to uni and stuff like that I won't have time to play, so I give you the win k?
        Sep 16, 2014
      2. Weavile
        Ok. Thanks
        Sep 16, 2014
    13. Yagura
      U sk.
      1. HBC likes this.
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