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Dec 24, 2012
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May 22, 2017
    1. Edna
      yo, it's for final of best of battles, i'm quite frequently on, on gmt +3, when do you think we can play?
      hey I'm online now if you wanna play for best of battles, I'll be on most of the day too
    3. ~James
      You vs me in Draciels's tourney,mate. I'm kinda free now,so you call the timings.
      Upper Tier Showdown when play i'm gmt +5 available usually after 1pm till midnight. When fight
    5. Valentine
      ltt when play im gmt -7
      1. Beastly
        im gmt -5 I can play mostly monday, tuesday, friday, today and tommrow. On those weekdays I can play after 5 pm, on saturday almost at any time, and sunday anytime besides 1 to 3:30
        Nov 8, 2014
    6. JeyTheGrey
      yoo beastlyy idk howmuch i'll be on this week :/ so best thing for me to play is wednesday evening (7-11pm) or friday afternoon... Idk if i can be online weekends so i hope we get this done soon :] (btw GMT +2 here)
      1. Beastly
        Well thats annoying. My time is gmt -5 . So that may be a problem as we are like 7 hours off {how the fuck are we on so much at the same time} I think Friday afternoon will be best time because Wednesday at that time is like 3 in the morning.
        does 12 pm your time work [I think thats 7 pm mine idk] See you then fren :}. Also bring the innovation if real
        Sep 23, 2014
      2. Beastly
        Well i derped at when making the time forgetting I'm going to a football game. Can we move the match about 1 hour back. I will try to get on as fast as possible but yeha sorry about that. Cya then
        Sep 24, 2014
    7. MetalGross
      hi we gotta play for LTT I'm +2 I'll be pretty active Saturday and Wednesday and if you want times 4PM Wednesday and 11AM/6PM Saturday could work.
      Let me know something!
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