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Dec 24, 2012
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Jul 14, 2014

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    1. Texas Cloverleaf
    2. Madrigal
      Um, I was wondering if there was a way for me to contact you outside of PO. You hardly ever check PO anyway ;-;
    3. davidness
      I didn't see you today (Friday). I can play Saturday afternoon (8:00 PM GMT) oO

      ok 8pm GTM-6
    4. davidness
      Saturday or Friday
    5. BLUFF GOD
    6. D4RR3N
      the problem is that we got a bad timezone match up, and idk if i can be on at those listed times =/, but ill generally be on at like 6pm to 1am on weekdays and anytime on weekends
    7. D4RR3N
      I'll be free anytime after wednesday, I'm GMT +8.
    8. Elodin
      hi, i'm on gmt-3 and i'd like to play this weekend or tomorrow afternoon. i'll be free every day from 2:00 PM until 10:00 PM with the exception of thursday (where i won't be on at all), so you can pick any time and i'll probably be there :]

      gl, i'm very excited about finals too haha
    9. twofivefive
      Sorry, I'll clear it up.

      I've been without internet the past few days so I haven't been able to check
    10. mibuchiha
      Sorry if I seemed to ignore you earlier. It wasn't by choice, I just didn't notice your flash. As I've mentioned earlier flash doesn't work for me so if you had something to bring to my attention on the server, you need to PM me. That does appear in the tray icon and so I would be able to notice it.

      And to answer your question, nope. I was working on my spellbook and had to focus.
    11. CTC
      Yea can we play friday?
    12. Blimlax
      yea, I pm'd you, again, and you signed off, again =/
    13. Blimlax
      Well I tried pming you on the server but you didn't reply to my pm ?_?

      Anyway I'd prefer to play before friday, I'll be fairly active and were both gmt-6 so shouldn't be hard to find me.
    14. Eeveeto
      6:00 AM Saturday. is perfect for me. I will be waiting you on the USSR channel.
    15. Eeveeto
      So, 4:00 in Canada would be 11:00 here ( I am GMT +1). Its an ok time for me.
    16. Eeveeto
      What GMT are you ?
    17. Eeveeto
      Hello! I will be quite active in the USSR channel the Friday, the Saturday and the Sunday. Look for me there.
    18. twofivefive
      I'm kinda busy atm with exams and testing and such :/ I should be done with those in early June, though I might have time to meet up before that
    19. twofivefive
      I'll be around most of Friday afternoon, if that's all right with you
    20. twofivefive
      I'll be on at around 7ish PM (GMT -4) tomorrow.
    21. twofivefive
      Sorry, had a bunch of stuff going on on Friday. I'll be here most of tomorrow.
    22. twofivefive
      Hi, I'm your tutor for this round. Please auto-join my tutoring channel #scrublyfe as all tutoring activities will be going on there.
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