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Angel Flonne
Jan 24, 2013
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Mar 30, 2014

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    1. Yagura
    2. Marina
      Angel Flonne, PokeWorldBW told me that if I wanted to know who a certain user was, I should ask you. So I will now be asking you.
      Who is min min?
    3. Yttrium
      Dear Angel Flonne,
      You are being cordially reminded that there is an Elemental Fusion Free For All Mafia currently going on. Deadline has since long past and the game is stalling on Night 8, as it has for previous cycles. As such, please update your game and clear your inbox so players may contact you. Thank you.

      Also, I agree with the post below. However, this is better on the eyes than IceKirby's
    4. SteelEdges
      MY EYES

      MY EYES
    5. Shazan
      Mmmm if you want to give another try to the theme ok, but before we have to find some solution for the decline of WindBlown and Crobat .
      Even if i don't agree with some of their point, like the one of damage, after all when you play an rpg you don't know precisely how much damage they will deal, but only an approximation.
      The main problem is probably the HP discovery one. For now the only solution that i could come up are that to display the roles HP into the ±Current Roles: list that would even make the connection easier thanks to the display about what role lost HP after lynch. Otherwise a more boring and secret reveal of the player's target HP after that they got attacked.
    6. Metal Sonic
      Metal Sonic
      Inbox cleared
    7. Xinc
    8. Shazan
      Sorry if i am annoying but after all the hard work i don't wanna give up so easily on it.
      Because Birds have no inspectors and Penguin is pretty boring i was thinking:
      Let's give to Penguin an ability /slide that depending how much hp he has it changes what it does:
      7HP: It will reveal who he is to his target, 6-5HP: inspect target's side, 4-3HP: inspect target's role, 2-1HP: Day-expose his target role.
      What do you think?
    9. Yttrium
      The following errors occurred with your submission
      Angel Flonne has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
    10. Master12345
      Inbox round 3
    11. Master12345
      'Clear inbox you shit' so I can forward PMs to you. Also I need to go to sleep
    12. Rioku
      Whoops, sry. Cleared now.
    13. Water
      Angel Flonne has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
    14. Shazan
      Ok maybe you didn't understood what i asked.
      What i mean is if we should cut/paste the hp poison message of Help into Help 2 or if we have to made it different as that which Fuzzy has made as exemple into how to make a mafia theme post.
    15. Master12345
      Hi Angel Flonne, please use the Night 1 Update that I PMed you! Maybe also those role PMs. ^_^
    16. Shazan
      You seems happy about the new Help message 2, so tell me: should we maintain the old format "you have XHP and poisoned" for them or we should change it ?
    17. Shazan
      Hey Angel, sorry but i was sick and tired to wait to post the Animals theme on review when we have come so far, so i have posted it on Forum take it a look if to you the Open Post is ok.
      Your inbox is still full and people cannot send you Pm to you.
    18. Jiggles
    19. IceKirby
      No, I had some setbacks like my HDD dying (had backup for the Animals Maker though, but was without a PC for a while), and also was being busy with other stuff. And some laziness too :x
      You mean Animals is done as in fully coded, right? If so, it should be easier to finish the Maker, although as I said before, at this point it would be mostly to balance the theme.
    20. IceKirby
      Your inbox is full :x
    21. Shazan
      Do you think we are ready to move Animals to review or do you still have some doubt?
      P.S. Your message box is full Angel
    22. Cirno
    23. .Rawr!
      Stop hanging me!

      jk silly :3
    24. Rioku
      Art request complete!
    25. Champion of Hoenn
      Champion of Hoenn
      You failed me.

      You failed us all.
    26. Champion of Hoenn
    27. Champion of Hoenn
    28. Yagura
      hai mr. blanket o/
    29. Weavile
      Idk how about what I called my in-game Tyrunt with an s on the end: Runt Destroyers
    30. phucvn
      yeah im here man. What's our type and who's our leader?
    31. Weavile
      Well I'm bad so that looks like it's up to our team mate.
    32. Weavile
      Seems an odd arrangement, but ok I guess, who's playing though?
    33. Champion of Hoenn
      Champion of Hoenn
      Anyways. We have a pressing matter, Flonne.
    34. Champion of Hoenn
      Champion of Hoenn
      There we go.. Happy?
    35. Champion of Hoenn
      Champion of Hoenn
      Flonne, Skype please. I have requests that require... doing. Honestly had nothing that mixed with require..
    36. Champion of Hoenn
      Champion of Hoenn
      I'm not sure about the underscore or anything.. Probably ask Oak to change it in a nice girly voice.
    37. Champion of Hoenn
      Champion of Hoenn
      How does one change their profile pic? I'm stumped.
    38. Champion of Hoenn
      Champion of Hoenn
      Wow. Way to dis people who wear glasses.
    39. Champion of Hoenn
      Champion of Hoenn
      That. Is an excellent question about the underscore.. My rebuttal? Why is your text so harmful to the eyes???
    40. Scatterbrain
      Rioku does some good shit really, didn't even notice.
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