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Oct 12, 2010
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Nov 5, 2016

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Legend Killer, from Hells guardian

Dota 2 Dec 8, 2015

    1. Photoshop
      Give me a roster for Xclusive. We have ours for Hero.
    2. Kland
      Also how much decay do I have in ou?
    3. Kland
      Nexus tell zodiac I will be back in 3 days time
    4. Photoshop
      Alright so it's from January 23rd, 2013 - January 27th, 2013 sound fantastic. Wednesday-Sunday, five days.
    5. Photoshop
      A week from today sounds dragged out. Let us begin the week of the 20th, right on the Sunday. This is also my last week as the leader of the clan as I will be stepping down for academic purposes.
    6. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      Considering I've yet to go to sleep atm (it's 8am my time), chances are I might miss you today. Tomorrow (Friday), I should be on at that time.

      Still, I'll try to be there ready to kick your butt :P
    7. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      It's past Wednesday. You've not been on the server for 5 days. It took you almost 3 days to answer my first VM. Guess it's up to me to try and schedule a time.

      I'm off work over the next 2 days (Thursday + Friday). Let me know what times you are active during those 2 days, and we'll arrange a time for then.

      Otherwise, it's gonna be a bit more difficult to do on deadline day, cos I'm working on Saturday (including the last few hours before deadline).
    8. Photoshop
      Clan war between Xclus and Hero, if you are interested please PM me via Forums or Pokemon Online. I go by [Hero]Photoshop.
    9. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      POYT Round 2, you vs me.

      GMT is my timezone, but I'm usually awake during the night instead of the day, so lol that's useless info.

      Contact me here or on PO itself, it's easier. Also don't expect to battle before Monday, cos team building + work.

      Respond asap.
    10. Halsey
      Pick your tutees
    11. Darklight
    12. Tyki
      I mean, coyo wants an alternate battle window that isn't ripped off of aesoft, but someone else can do it too if you don't want to.
    13. Tyki
      You still working on the new battle window?
    14. Blitzamirin
      Been online every day and still we haven't battled...

    15. Twisted Cosmos
      Twisted Cosmos
      English isnt really my first language :(
    16. Darklight
      you suck :3
    17. Mysterion
      I see you are on right now could you come to the server to get the battle done?
    18. Mysterion
      sure I am at the server just look for me.
    19. Mysterion
      Sry, forgot the No hazards tour a bit :x From my side we can battle nearly every day, these days I should be on quite often, just talk to me when u see me on I will do the same. If u want we can agree a time aswell.
    20. Beast
      I have work at that time. I can probably do 8 P.M. Saturday though.
    21. Mushtatoes
      I'm in Groudons Grotto. Sorry about that
    22. Mushtatoes
      Oh yeah sorry
    23. Mushtatoes
      Saw you and messaged you online, but no response. You there?
    24. Beast
      I am GMT -5 so we are about 10 hours apart. Want to try for Saturday around 12 P.M. your time?
    25. Mushtatoes
      Oh! I'm sorry. That's fine. Thanks for clearing that up.
    26. Mushtatoes
      Oh, I made a mistake. I forgot about the 5.30...
      Sorry about that. I'm assuming 4PM GMT+5.30 is 3AM PST.
      Is it possible to move it to 7pm? If not it's fine, I can stay up late because school is over.
    27. Mushtatoes
      Ah, this week is finals week so school ends at 12:30pm.
      Monday I'll be busy shopping with a friend of mine.
      Tuesday I'll be doing the same.
      I can do Wed-Fri, in the early morning because I'll be at Big Bear.

      Possibly 3pm - 6pm GMT? Let me know. Thanks.
    28. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      in fact, give me 30 mins, since i have to go eat lunch
    29. Insane Soul
    30. BLUES
      Hey there,Nexus.
      I assume you're too busy...is there anyone else that you might recommend me asking for the Trainer Blue theme?
    31. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      im filling your VM count very quickly...
      ik its 22:30 for you (or 10:30 PM), it might not be too late, so could you please come in ?
      i said i would be on in my morning time, and i didn't accomplish it, my bad there, though i came on the afternoon
    32. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      damn, i saw your post just now, but i was having lunch...
      ok, i will stay on the forums and server for the next few yours, so jump in
    33. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      i wont be able to battle now, since i have a special dinner occasion, and if luck allows with an extension, then it would be great if you could tell him i agree, since saturday will be much easier for us right ?
    34. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      its getting difficult to find you, deadline ends in 3 hours if i'm not mistaken...
      perhaps we should ask for an extension, if we dont meet ?
    35. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      we should try to stay online for longer, perhaps
    36. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      so stupid of me... i was under an alt: Fiery Soul, you can go again please, im in my main alt now...
    37. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      sure, join the server, i will be waiting on PNU
    38. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      dont know what time in specific is «your» evening, but i will stay on a little past 10 pm, which is about 5 pm for you, if im counting it right, though friday i might be on a lot earlier to catch you in your nighttime, IF you are online at night
    39. BLUES
      Thanks, Ill be looking forward to it:)
    40. fitzy
      Sunday it is or else we'd have to play pretty late my time. Got any objections to a specific time on sunday?
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