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Song of Wind
Feb 21, 2013
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Apr 18, 2021 at 8:05 PM

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    1. Kland
      online now
    2. Kland
      online now
    3. Kland
      hey were paired for powc, gmt +11 list times
      1. Song of Wind likes this.
      2. Song of Wind
        Song of Wind
        gmt -3, i can play during week between 20h and 24h my time, or sunday 13h to 23h i think
        Mar 26, 2019
      3. Kland
        How about, 20:00 to 0:00 your time thursday?
        Mar 27, 2019
    4. Sabella
      hey bro pocl im est when you wanna play
      1. Song of Wind likes this.
      2. Song of Wind
        Song of Wind
        hi do u use discord? u can usually find me online at night in the tournament channel, im gmt -3 i think
        Jul 25, 2018
      3. Sabella
        ok yea i use discord im in the smogon tournaments channel as well
        Jul 25, 2018
    5. HellPowna
      Hi, paired for pocl r1, u r subbed in over kushalos.
      My discord is hellpowna #0851
      Im gmt +2. We can do it 2day, if you are able to, from 5 pm gmt +2 to 11 pm gmt +2.
    6. mael
      hi when powc? mornings gmt+2 are best for me
      1. Song of Wind
        Song of Wind
        hi can we play now? im on smogtours as Song of Wind if you can
        Apr 9, 2018
      2. Song of Wind
        Song of Wind
        im gmt -3 i think oo
        Apr 9, 2018
    8. Ale Duncan
      Ale Duncan
      We have to play for powc, I'm gmt +2, what about friday/saturday/sunday?
      1. Song of Wind
        Song of Wind
        lol my team is already out as usual despite my 3-0, I wont bother playing anymore. ask for a sub in the thread if you want. oO
        Apr 18, 2016
    9. Nikitas
      Hey, my timezone is gmt+2 and I have a flexible schedule. Wed I cant play from 19.30 to 24.30 (00.30 thurs) GMT+2 and I will not be able to play on saturday after 9pm GMT+2 or so. Sunday is pretty much my busy day so I cannot really make time there unless something drastic happens. What times can you play and whats your GMT?
      1. Song of Wind
        Song of Wind
        im gmt+1.
        i will try to catch you on whenever
        do you use irc?
        Apr 13, 2015
      2. Nikitas
        not rly
        Apr 13, 2015
      3. Nikitas
        can u play at 6-6.30 pm gmt+2? (5-5.30 for u)
        Apr 18, 2015
    10. Zamrock
      I'm GMT -5, Best days to fight me are weekend as i'll be busy with irl shit. I prefer we fight either before or after smogtours on Saturday or Sunday. Let me know what days are best for you
      1. Song of Wind likes this.
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      3. Zamrock
        On Saturday, I can play from 10 am - 3 pm GMT -5 (before smogtours OR after) and 10 am - 1 pm GMT -5 (before OR after smogtours) for sunday. Sorry for the miscommunication, hope to get this done.
        Mar 12, 2015
      4. Song of Wind
        Song of Wind
        how does sunday 5 pm gmt 0 sounds like?
        Mar 12, 2015
      5. Zamrock
        That's fine
        Mar 12, 2015
    11. Whereabouts Unknown
      Whereabouts Unknown
      I am online and waiting for a response from Rylian.
    12. bugzinator
      i got subbed in to play you for powc
      when do you wanna fight? im gmt +1 tonight is good for me, ill be on until like 1am my time maybe longer and ill be on most of tomorrow too
      o_o .dancin
    13. Starstorms
      Tell him to meet me on the server please. I'm there at Elite clan and Tournaments
    14. Finchinator
      Coming on now
    15. Finchinator
      I will be on for the next two hours or so (I've been on for a while, but now I'm ready to battle.)
      Same with tomorrow - I'll be on around this time - probably earlier, for a few hours.
      I'll be on PO server as Finchinator or Finchinator-AFK (if I'm AFK)
    16. Finchinator
      Hi Sogeking!
      We have to play for the PCWC. I am GMT -4 an will be in and off throughout the evenings, GMT -4.
      I can be on PO, or find you on whatever IRC channel you'd like, just tell me which in advanced and when (because I can't always be in, but most of the time I will be.)
    18. ZoroDark
      well hi to you too.
      I'm GMT +2 and I can be on between 5-8/9ish pm during the week but I'm on a lot during the weekend.
    19. Captain
      Sogeking , we gotta play. When did you wanna play this week?
      I have class again and I forget what time zone you are.
    20. marth-
      hmm haven't got it but if you want to play now then can you get on the po server or grotto?
    21. marth-
      im ready to play now, so add me on skype deangolden1993 when you're ready to play
    22. marth-
      i can play whenever mate just catch me online on PO under the name akhimarth neutral luck etc i hope for fair matchups
    23. Decision Makers
      Decision Makers
      Hey we are paired for POWC. I'm GMT+1 when can you fite?
    24. omylord
      i can play tonight, leave me a vm if you wanna play!
    25. omylord
      yo actually i'll be home in one hour, wanna play tonight?
    26. Limitless
      Can you play now?
    27. Limitless
      if you have irc or smogon you can easily contact me whenever.
    28. omylord
      Hello, we can try to play today but it depends on what time I got home, because I might not be home until 7 or 8pm (GMT -4) earliest. I'll vm you once I get home today and we can go from there, otherwise we can play on Tuesday night. Sounds good?
    29. [k-12] LMFAO
    30. ZodiaK
      lets play the next time you see me on or that i see you on, earliest as possible because if its going to go to the later/end week, i might ask to be subbed out for that duration of the week. so lets get this done :] my alt is the same as listed on thread, is yours also? also i'm france timezone.
    31. Fabian
      i was already gone at like 10:30 e.e
      and idc when actually, we can play either today or tomorrow, but then make sure its before 10 pm my time. if that doesnt work well for you, lets just do it friday/saturday until ~12:30 am my time. i would almost prefer friday/saturday because then i have more time for important games
    32. Fabian
      i have it but i almost never use it'-'
      and 8 pm your time would already pretty late for me, id rather play at least 1 hour earlier, so i dont have to play such an important match at like 1 am ,_. if that works for you a.a
    33. Fabian
      idk you are many hours behind my time :[ maybe friday or so, i'm gmt+2, would 10:30 pm my time work for you ?'-'
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