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Golden Gyarados
Feb 22, 2013
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May 20, 2017

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Golden Gyarados

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    1. beiyingtest
      hi,we are paired this week,i can play on friday9-11pm or saturday 2pm-11pm gmt+8,which time do you prefer?
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      2. beiyingtest
        so its your thursday morning 9am
        May 9, 2017
      3. Golden Gyarados
        Golden Gyarados
        Sounds good. PS, I assume?
        May 10, 2017
      4. beiyingtest
        i think on ps main is fine
        May 10, 2017
    2. Ortheore
      Hey man powc time. I'm gmt+10. I can play wed/thu as long as it's before 11am, because I gotta head out to uni. Weekend is probably best option, either day works except sunday afternoon
      1. Golden Gyarados
        Golden Gyarados
        Wednesday at 10am GMT+10 is Tuesday night at 7pm my time (GMT-5). Will that work for you?
        Apr 20, 2015
      2. Ortheore
        Yeah sure. cya then
        Apr 21, 2015
    3. ALLALA
      hi we're opps for PO RBY Tour
      Lets fight tomorrow or on Sunday in the evening. Im totally sure we'll meet on server anyways :)
    4. Duster
      yo when u wan fight
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      2. Golden Gyarados
        Golden Gyarados
        K I'll be on the main PO server
        Jan 16, 2015
      3. Duster
        i'll be on the server the rest of the night
        Jan 17, 2015
      4. Golden Gyarados
        Golden Gyarados
        What alt? I'm on the server now
        Jan 17, 2015
    5. Isa
      Hey man, it's dueling time in POCL.

      Unfortunately, I will be very busy this week. As it stands, I can play Wednesday (all day up until 9 PM my time), Thursday up until 9 PM as well, maybe Friday around midnight (give or take an hour), and Saturday afternoon. Does any of this work out? If it doesn't, let me know when you can play and I'll do what I can to adjust my schedule.

      I'm GMT+2.
      1. Golden Gyarados
        Golden Gyarados
        I should be able to be on PO for most of those windows. Let's see if we cross paths Wednesday or Thursday and if we don't let's circle back and lock down an exact time
        Sep 9, 2014
      2. Isa
        That'll be great. Thanks for having such an allowing schedule.
        Sep 9, 2014
    6. During Summer
      During Summer
      Ehi man i've got a problem, tomorrow i have to go in hospital to do some things.. this wasn't expected.. could we play saturday on same hour we decided to?
    7. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      Hey GG, as far as I know Joga's timezone is GMT +1, which is spain. So he's about I think 5 or 6 hours ahead of us though I'm not exactly sure because DST and shit fucks me up. With his time being ahead, it should work in your favor if you come on sunday to get it done, just if you could try to make it early-ish or something so he's not up too long/late.
    8. Honey cocaine
      Honey cocaine
      hi fren, joga back on sunday
    9. ALLALA
      hi! We're opps for POWC! Im GMT +2.
      I've sometimes seen you on server so I don't think it's gonna be hard for us to find time to battle
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