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[sky] kael
Mar 11, 2013
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May 27, 2015

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[sky] kael

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ok saturday or sunday 11 :59 am in your time gmt +1 Do you can to do this? Sep 11, 2014

    1. Karppi
      Hi. We need to play for POT r1. I'm GMT+3 and usually online during evenings and would prefer to play sometime this weekend? So what times would work for you?
    2. DidaCMD
      Hi! Are u Kael, of the Brazilian team? We have to battle...
    3. Withoutatrace
      your name doesn't like formatting, so I couldn't tag you in the thread but Round 1 did start, so please check it so you know who your opponent is!
    4. tobyfant
      We need to fight for the team tour,
      when can you fight and what alts do you use?
    5. Alexander.
      Im on smogtours
    6. Alexander.
      i wasnt online.. i can play in the next 30 mins or later around ST time
    7. Alexander.
      i couldn't play at that time but i guess i can around ST time today, I'll be online as Alexander on smogtours
    8. Alexander.
      hey man we have to play for pocl. im gmt +2 and i can play in my evenings/early afternoons. when do you prefer to get this done?
    9. Miles Tails
      Miles Tails
      Kael, o meeps deu mais dois dias para que as lutas sejam realizadas, se possível vamos tentar jogar hoje a noite ou amanha depois das 23:00.
    10. During Summer
      During Summer
      man we have to fight for imposter tour, i'm gmt+2,so when u can?
    11. Miles Tails
      Miles Tails
      Kael, se estiver ai me aceita no skype ou me responde por aqui, estou online e ficarei até umas 2 da manha novamente para que possamos jogar.
    12. Miles Tails
      Miles Tails
      Kael, estou online agora e ficarei até as 2 da manha te esperando, já te mandei convite no skype, então quando entrar me manda mensagem lá ou por aqui para que possamos jogar.
    13. Miles Tails
      Miles Tails
      Kael, quando você pode jogar pelo Fixing UP OU?
    14. palkia62
      can you come on the main server now?
    15. palkia62
      Can you play at around 11:59 am my time on Friday or Saturday?
    16. Analog
      i cant play at 11:59am gmt+1, it's too late for me. what other time would work?
    17. Finchinator
      When do you want to fight for the finals of Perry's tour? I am GMT-4; weekends and weekday afternoons/evenings work best for me, in general. I can be found as Finchinator in channels like #Project NU, #Tournaments, and #POCL on PO Server when I am able to battle.
    18. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      ok saturday or sunday 11 :59 am in your time gmt +1 Do you can to do this?
      1. palkia62
        Yes, I can do this
        Sep 11, 2014
    19. palkia62
      can we play that match on saturday then?
    20. palkia62
      yes, I'm on the main server now
    21. RockyRd
      hi i got subbed I'll be on po and irc as rockyrd until the deadline if u wanna get this done
    22. palkia62
      if you can, come on at 10 pm your time for the battle. I'll vm you again if I can't stay up until then.
      Also, we're opponents for the fixing up OU tour.
    23. palkia62
      I'm on now if you can come online. I'm GMT +1 btw.
    24. palkia62
      Check my profile for my response to your message
    25. Axily
      I m on on LI . When u r are on send me a pm
    26. Axily
      we're op for fixing up. I'm gtm +2. Let's play next weekend y/n
    27. Mr. Perry
      Mr. Perry
      Hi, you need to send to me the log of your battle against Froggy.
    28. Xdevo
      Yo, you're my opponent for the GSC tour, VM me some times you're good to play in.
    29. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      Hi we are opps for the side-metas triathlon tour. I am +8 GMT and I prefer to play in the nights my time. Please VM Back so we can schedule the matches.
    30. Epikhairz
      hey kael we're opps for rohail's tier tour. im gmt -7 and generally available most of the day on my weekdays, so vm me your availabilities and we can fite
    31. Rubbergnome
      hey, i'm the one who's chatting with you right now on PO :D
    32. Rubbergnome
      hey bro :) yea I know, I was there. I'll be on PO main server tomorrow at 11-12 am. :)
    33. Rubbergnome
      Yea, on which server?
    34. meeps
      wen fite
    35. Rubbergnome
      Are you online today? On which server? :)
    36. MetalGross
      hi we have to play for Generations Change tournament I'm GMT +1 and active from 5-10pm let me know something
    37. MetalGross
      can you do like 5pm
      7pm is just too late for me
    38. MetalGross
      something like 6pm your time could work possible, but I'm +1 and 1am my time is impossible.
      so yeah maybe 6pm sunday/saturday if that works for you
    39. Rayzark
      Hey! We have to play in the 2nd round of the POYT Tournament? When can you play?
    40. Roku
      Ok, we have to play for the monogen tour at some point. I'm US Central time, GMT -5 or 6, can't remember with daylight savings. I'm on pretty much all the time bar early morning, so it shouldn't be difficult to find a time.
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