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Mar 12, 2013
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Apr 18, 2015
    1. ChemicalBurn
      yo we're paired up for POWC week 7 ( bw ou ) i'm gmt +1 so let me know about ur stuff man!
    2. TwiiSteD
      We're playing this week for POWC. Weekend works best for me as I work 40+ hours throughout the week. Saturday / Sunday before Smog Tour works for me.
    3. TGMD
      When do you want to battle for POWC? I'm GMT + 13 and I usually get home at like 4 pm, when do you want to battle?
      1. TGMD
        Will have some difficulties battling after tomorrow due to Easter plans and a bad laptop, but hopefully we can still get this done
        Apr 2, 2015
      2. TGMD
        Uhh daylight savings jut finished here so I'm now GMT + 12, and I'm free for the remainder of today p much, but I take the 5ish hour trip home tomorrow morning and I likely won't make it home until after the deadline, so tonight would be preferable and I may be able to play sometime my tomorrow morning
        Apr 5, 2015
    4. marth-
      when can you play for powc?
    5. Cameltoed
      hi, we're opp for POWC. GMT +1, I'd prefer playing on friday or weekend
      idk yet my times but im flexible so tell me ur preferences
      1. genger likes this.
      2. genger
        i would like to play on weekend im gmt -5
        Mar 18, 2015
      3. Cameltoed
        ok that's fine what about playing around smogtours time?
        Mar 18, 2015
      4. genger
        perfect my name on there is badaking
        Mar 18, 2015
    6. Keroro Gunso
    7. Keroro Gunso
    8. Keroro Gunso
      Keroro Gunso
      Hey, dear, we're opps in POWC2, my timezone is +7 GMT, I'm ready to fight always when I'm on. My nickname's Robin Gibb2
    9. Grifo
      Hi mate, we're opponents in POWC, I'm GMT +1 and I'm free on most of the following days, probably the best would be in the afternoon, what time/day would you like to battle?
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