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Mar 15, 2013
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Dec 16, 2019

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Delta Stream , from Universe

Playing around with Status Message feature :] Apr 5, 2014

    1. Finchinator
    2. Mister Tim
      Mister Tim
      Hi, we are opp in Rby tour, when you can play?
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      2. Mister Tim
        Mister Tim
        I will try to be today on server
        Jan 14, 2015
      3. Mister Tim
        Mister Tim
        i'm online
        Jan 15, 2015
      4. Mister Tim
        Mister Tim
        i'm offline
        Jan 15, 2015
    3. ShowMeTheMankey
      hi we need to fite for old gen tour. Im GMT and on the server as MankE quite often so you can catch me there or VM me back or w/e
      1. Epikhairz
        im GMT -7 so it might be a little hard to find each other but i'll try to be on from around 3-6pm my time
        Jan 8, 2015
      2. ShowMeTheMankey
        on what name? Should catch you over the weekend
        Jan 9, 2015
      3. Epikhairz
        Server name is epikhairz. I haven't been on in a while but I'll try to get in over the next few days to play
        Jan 9, 2015
    4. Zoroark
      Epikhairz ԅ(º ‿‿ ºԅ)
      1. Epikhairz
        SkyPhoenix ԅ(º ‿‿ ºԅ)
        Oct 13, 2014
    5. ThunderStruck0011
      Is fan fiction available on the forums? O.o
      1. Epikhairz
        could you please clarify on what you mean?

        if you mean writing fan fiction on the forums, i recommend you take it to another site.
        Oct 10, 2014
      2. ThunderStruck0011
        Ah, okay thx just wondering
        Oct 10, 2014
    6. Finchinator
    7. ThunderStruck0011
      Pffht! You wish you had awesome hair like that!
    8. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      Your thread seemed like a really lame version of gays sharing coming out stories, so I literally wrote my coming out story but replaced everything gay with pokemon. You're welcome for the shitpost.
    9. Raducan
      hi we're matched up for the fixing ou tour. I'm pretty sure we're in the same timezone, so just pick a time!!
    10. Duster
      1. Epikhairz
        u r nohairs :]
        Aug 10, 2014
    11. Duncajuwon
      Hey EPIKHAIRZ we were paired for academy
      I can be on any day so whenever you're available :]
    12. IceKirby
      Hai Epik, I need your PM for the Forum game, or I will have to start it without you :x
    13. Slayer
      hey when to you want to battle for the BW2 lower tiers tour? I'm GMT +2 and I can usally battle between 2pm and 10pm my time.
    14. Raducan
      When can you battle for UU tour?
      1. bugzinator likes this.
    15. Whereabouts Unknown
      Whereabouts Unknown
      When can you battle for LU Top-Down tour?
      1. Epikhairz
        i'll usually be online weekdays 4-6PM GMT -7 on weekdays
        May 28, 2014
      2. Whereabouts Unknown
        Whereabouts Unknown
        Can you do weekends at all?
        May 29, 2014
    16. FrontierDarkness
      Hey, sorry I didn't reply before had some things to do for the week :/ I'm FrontierD on the server, GMT +8
    17. Virizion
      Hey there! We're opponents for Round 3 of Samphire's "Just The Two Of Us: XY Doubles" Tournament. I am GMT+1 and I'll actually be on Pokémon Online from 10:00-20:30 my time on weekends and 5:30-8:30 my time on weekdays. What is your GMT and what time is best for you? Good luck! :)
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      2. Virizion
        (20:30:37) ±QueryBot: Epikhairz was last seen: Tue, 29 Apr 2014 16:00:53 GMT

        I can make that time on Thursday, if you want! If not, the rest of the week at that time will be fine for me. :)
        Apr 29, 2014
      3. Epikhairz
        i think i was playing some battle factory at school or something. thats like 9am in my timezone so i would usually be at school

        i cant make that time sorry :(
        Apr 30, 2014
      4. Virizion
        It really sucks that the deadline is on the Saturday and not the Sunday! D:

        Maybe we could get the battle done on the Saturday, as I'm available until from 9:00am - 5:30pm my time and I also believe I'll be on 7:30pm-9:00pm my time also. Hopefully that'll do. :D

        Good luck!
        Apr 30, 2014
    18. dopog
      mega amph !!!!!!!!
      1. Epikhairz
        yesss fiercest dragon in the house :]
        Apr 17, 2014
    19. Duster
      why didn't you tell me you hooked up with joyepals
      1. Epikhairz
        Apr 11, 2014
    20. Finchinator
      Only if you could play around with Pokemon like you could forum features, then maybe you'd be decent at this game and semi-relevant
    21. Duster
      stop playing around nohairz
      1. Epikhairz
        duster more like gayster :]

        also go like my posts in smb mafia or u r scum
        Apr 5, 2014
    22. Epikhairz
      Playing around with Status Message feature :]
    23. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Ohullo Epik.

      Wouldst thou careth to check my analyses...eth? :3
      1. Epikhairz
        lol ok will do shortly after i play around with these new forums for a while :]
        Apr 5, 2014
      2. Spoovo The Pirate
        Spoovo The Pirate
        Awesome. :3
        Apr 5, 2014
    24. ZoroDark
      hi i'm gmt +1. i'm on a lot between 5-10pm in the week and a lot randomly in the weekend (not as much this weekend though i'm afraid). what'd work best for you?
      OH my gmt changes to +2 between saturday and sunday night iirc.
    25. Virizion
      Okay, and sure I can make analyses and contribute more to XY UU, I really like tier a lot, and it's even better to run stall IMO. ^^

      Thanks a lot man! :)
    26. Virizion
      Hey, Epikhairz! :D

      I'd love to help in XY UU QC actually, because not only have I now got a good amount of free-time on my hands, however if I can post a good amount of good analyses and contribute a bit more in the discussion forums, I believe that I will do very well. I can say that I know the metagame very well, and while I do deep a bit from time to time, I will normally overcome these big losses and finding out what I did wrong last time and improve on that (if that helps, heh).

      So yeah if I contribute a little more to the XY UU Metagame on the Forums, can I help with the XY UU QC please (I know there's already 4 XY UU QC though, I am aware of this haha)? Thanks! :)
    27. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      Ahh, rite. Knew there was gonna be something I forgot lol. Noted. :3
    28. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      You're like a different person without dem numbers.

      It killed so many grammars. ;-;

      Oh also, you need to unlock three of my UU analyses, because my three OU ones have been approved nao. :3

      Also hai.
    29. Finchinator
      When Algebra decides to stop being a bitch and I don't have to read about history for hours a night (weekend or Friday)
    30. Fiery Espeon
      Fiery Espeon
      Congrats on Forum Staff
    31. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      wow the name change changed everything
      gratz on uu qc forum mods
      hey so yeah I was drunk when I sent that put me back on QC ok thanx
    33. ZoroDark
      gratz man, v deserved
    34. ThatMushroom
      Oh k, I was checking for it on the main page..my bad. Thx u threat abusing whore :]]
    35. Finchinator
      HEY U
      Victini, Jirachi, and Darmanitan are UU yet you mention Chandy to revenge garde
      L2P pls kthx (just giving the opposition reason to post cringeworthy content)
    36. Hannah
      in as sub for nom maf
    37. Duster
      btw, sorry i haven't been active in co-hosting
      really busy with transfer applications and such
      i should be more active again on sunday!
    38. Duster
      only 111 posts
      to 666
    39. Rioku
      Sorry, mixed it up with another game i'm in that doesn't have a night cycle... I think.
    40. Marina
      What does your hair look like?
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