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Mar 20, 2013
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Jun 27, 2016

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Even a sliver of doubt can spark a scintilla of faith. Apr 21, 2014

    1. Afro Smash
      Afro Smash
      UUCL wen fite, im BST
      1. Trademark
        GMT +8 I'm free on Sunday whole day. You free then? If so, tell me what time you're available on that day.
        Jul 25, 2014
      2. Afro Smash
        Afro Smash
        Yeah sunday should be good, Afternoonish your time
        Jul 25, 2014
    2. choolio
      We have to play for UUCL in week 1.
      I'm GMT +2 and I prefer to play at the evenings my time.
      What's your timezone m8? And when do u wanna fite?
      1. Trademark
        Hey man I'm GMT +8. And when are you most available?
        Jul 6, 2014
      2. choolio
        I am most available at the evenings my time but that is like I think 1/2/3 AM or even 4/5 AM for you. :/
        So let's play at the weekend if you don't mind.
        Just tell me if you wanna play friday or saturday and the times around you can play.
        Jul 7, 2014
    3. Raducan
      Do you want to do the first post of the gym thread or do you want me to?
    4. Hack
      Sorry today seems pretty bad for me to play on, I haven't really had time to prep. How monday look? I know you are +8 but it's really not a problem for me, i am active pretty much all days anyway so
      1. Trademark
        Haha man it's ok. Um I think sometime around Tuesday or Wednesday would be better. Coming back from a vacation haha. Only if that's ok with you?
        Jun 12, 2014
      2. Hack
        yeah that works too
        Jun 12, 2014
    5. Whereabouts Unknown
      Whereabouts Unknown
      Hey, you up for battling some time in the next couple days? I have exams coming up, so it's either tomorrow, Sunday, or Thursday. These times work for you?
    6. monferno
      yo we have to play for uu, im gmt +1
    7. Epikhairz
      Hey we're paired for the monotheism tour. I'm GMT -7 and can usually play around 4-6PM my time. If you could vm me your availabilities so we can get this done that would be great ^_^
    8. Trademark
      Even a sliver of doubt can spark a scintilla of faith.
      1. TGW likes this.
    9. Juanpa*
      You can play someday? oO
    10. fitzy
      So ugh when do you want to play for inverted tour? GMT +0, can play after 5PM my time weekdays and a lot of the weekend.
    11. Juanpa*
      man, when can you play?...
    12. Juanpa*
      Hi man, I'm GMT-5, when can you play for the final of nuzlocke tournament?
    13. Champ X
      Champ X
      I'm free today. Name your time, though my GMT might cause problems. glhf~
    14. Pokebasket
      hey, when can you play?
    15. Champ X
      Champ X
      Yo, I'm GMT+8 for the Nuzlocke tour. When do you wanna fight?
    16. Pokebasket
      hi, I'm GMT+1. I'll be able tonight or tomorrow, or if you can't , tell me when can you play
    17. Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Hi I'm GMT -5 and I'm an Ubers God, when do you wanna fight?
    18. Juanpa*
      sorry, I had to go to sleep, it was already 4 am in my country ;-;
    19. mibuchiha
      Suggest a time up, and I'll be chill to play if it's not a busy time.

      Stupid question but, what tour?
    20. Juanpa*
      HI man, we are paried for the Top Down Knock Down Ubers. I'm GMT-5, when you can play?
    21. Wepwn
      Hey, i'll be on server as wepwn for the next 30 minutes. you can pm me when ur ready
    22. Wepwn
      alright i'll try to find you tomorrow
    23. Wepwn
      Hi, im your opp for the ubers tour. When will you be free to play? I'm gmt -5
    24. Lollicon
      Opponents for Ubers tour , im GMT+1 , so just let me know when you have time.
    25. Ortheore
      Because of timezone differences with AJ we have tomorrow, monday or tuesday. I'm working tomorrow 1-5, other than that, I should be free over those days. So, might as well say tomorrow at 9 pm my time? That good? Otherwise just let me know.
    26. Ortheore
      Hey man, we're opponents for the nuzlocke OU tourney. My timezone is GMT +11 and I can be online pretty much any time between 10 am and 11pm unless I've got something on. I'm not too worried if we get it done quickly or you want to wait a bit, either way is fine. See you online I guess
    27. nikolt14
      Let's go I'm on right now !
    28. nikolt14
      haha you're my xy ou opp too.
    29. nikolt14
      give me a time
    30. nikolt14
    31. The Dude
      The Dude
      I'm free pretty much all the time since I'm on holidays, so like 11am-midnight is when I can get on.
    32. nikolt14
      me=xy ubers opp, when are you ready ?
    33. The Dude
      The Dude
      Hey man, we gotta play for XY tour. I'm GMT+13 and free most of the time so let me know what times you're on, thanks!
    34. Raducan
      Hey Blair! We're opponents in the XY OU tour. I'm GMT -8, I see you pretty often so it shouldn't be that hard to find each other on the server.
    35. DarkDiglett
      I'm +13 on from like 5pm-1am any day
    36. MewtwoHidden
      Here's the Splice since I can never find you when you're on xD - - - >
    37. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      I am GMT+0. I will try to find you on the server.. I hang out at most channels, just try to find me under the alt «Insane Soul»
    38. - Lucario -
      - Lucario -
      Is there any chance you can get on earlier tomorrow? For me it would be 4 in the morning which i can make, but would prefer not to. I will attempt to be on late tomorrow though.
    39. Mysterion
      Hi, we are opponents for the pcwc. I am GMT+2 and this week I have plenty of time to get the battle done. Just tell me when works best for you.
    40. - Lucario -
      - Lucario -
      I am -6 GMT, so basically Central Time in America. What about you?
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