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Mar 27, 2013
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Jan 11, 2018

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Durant, the only real (Little Used) Uber, Male, from Belgium

Durant, an ant but Dur Feb 4, 2017

    1. Eternal Spirit
      Eternal Spirit
      hi, when do you wanna play for pot? im gmt -3
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      2. Eternal Spirit
        Eternal Spirit
        Are you there? Im free rn
        Mar 4, 2017
      3. tobyfant
        sorry not rn, but later tonight should work
        Mar 4, 2017
      4. Eternal Spirit
        Eternal Spirit
        call me at stours
        Mar 4, 2017
    2. La.Melle2402
      Hey,when wanna play for pot? Im gmt +1. I would also prefer to play on Showdown if possible
      1. tobyfant
        Hi, I'm also gmt+1. Most late middays/evenings are fine for me, except Wednesday. Just say a day and time and I'll see if I'll get there.
        Feb 20, 2017
      2. La.Melle2402
        Sunday evening? Around 9 pm
        Feb 20, 2017
    3. tobyfant
      Durant, an ant but Dur
    4. gengar17
      hey, we're paired for the durant lu tour, when do u wanna battle? im gmt +2
      1. gengar17
        Jan 20, 2016
    5. Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
      Hey when you wanna play for ogt? I'm gmt-5
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      2. Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
        Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
        word, this weekend works for me
        Jan 6, 2016
      3. Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
        Dr. Fomantis Toboggan
        so what time you thinkin specificaly? also what's your alt?
        Jan 9, 2016
      4. tobyfant
        My alt is toby. if you would see this I'm on for some hours starting from this time. Tomorrow I can play almost the whole day so if you have a specific time you want to play I should be able to make that time
        Jan 9, 2016
    6. Scythe.
      yo, we're paired up for the lower tier thing
      id like this if we could play in next monday/thursday/friday aftermoon gmt+1
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      2. Scythe.
        uhh damn buddy that might be tough, please be there as soon as possible
        Nov 11, 2015
      3. Scythe.
        sup we're supposedly playing in 50 minutes, be in smogtours
        Nov 12, 2015
      4. Scythe.
        the earlier you come up, the better but im js
        Nov 12, 2015
    7. Brycen-Man
      I'll be able to play at 7pm tonight eastern time, and also tomorrow same time
    8. E.T.
      Hello. When do you want to battle for UU? I'm GMT-5.
    9. Alexander.
      we have to play for the ogt. im gmt +1, when do you want to get this done?
    10. fitzy
      "we should find each other easily" not working and we only have a day left.

      What time tomorrow do you want to do this?
    11. -Mike-
      hi when fight for pick your poison
      im gmt +5:30
      1. -Mike-
        kay i didnt see you at all yesterday and i was online for atleast 6 hours...
        when will we do it now?
        Dec 8, 2014
    12. ZoroDark
      I'm confused why is your avatar not durant
    13. mibuchiha
      I am in CET, let's play the night of Tuesday.
      1. tobyfant
        I'm GMT+1,Tuesday isn't the best option for me,
        can you play Wednesday?
        Nov 23, 2014
      2. mibuchiha
        No problem.
        Nov 23, 2014
    14. Insane Soul
      Insane Soul
      GMT+1 master race reporting in. When do you wanna fight for Smeargle tour?
    15. Valentine
      LTT when play? im gmt -7
      1. tobyfant
        I'm GMT+1,i'm online for a lot of time so it will not be so hard
        to find me in tournaments
        Nov 17, 2014
      2. Valentine
        i join tournaments and never see you,, lets schedule a specific time
        Nov 22, 2014
      3. tobyfant
        I'm under the alt toby.
        i will be online till 6 pm my time and then from 8 pm a couple hours,tomorrow i can be online the whole day
        Nov 22, 2014
    16. AustinXhensL
      i can be here any time today or tomorrow
    17. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      hey man we need to play when you can to play i use Skywallker in mirc
    18. -Mike-
      weapon of choice when fight
    19. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      hey man how i serach you

      in stay online in po main server?
      you use mirc?

      you can to play tomorrow 10 pm in my time gmt -3
    20. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      hi man,

      when you can to play????
    21. [sky] kael
      [sky] kael
      you use mirc?
      you can to play tomorrow
      10 am in my time?
      11 pm in sunday

      my timezone is gmt- 3

      if you can't to play this time send your time
    22. Duncajuwon
      Hey man
      we have to battle for top choice tournaments. I'm gmt-7, and i usually see you around #tournaments, so we should be able to find each other on easily.
    23. Weavile
      Hey, we've been matched for the TopDownKnockDown NU tour. I should be able to catch you easily.
    24. Cameltoed
      GSC tour, when u can play? I'd prefer to get this done earlier as possible so tonight should be fine.. I'm GMT+2 so we won't have troubles in meeting up each other.. If you can play in these 2 days so let's play in the weekend! Let me know
    25. Fegelein
      UUCL, fite me weekend?
      1. tobyfant
        Ok,what's your timezone again?
        Aug 6, 2014
      2. Fegelein
        GMT +1 because DST.
        Aug 6, 2014
    26. Daybreak
      nu tour round 3, gmt -4 wen fite
    27. Rohail
      Hey, we're opps for the NU tour. I'm GMT -5 and can fight whenever as long as it isn't too early in the morning and/or 7-9 p.m in the evening because of classes, etc. When would you like to fite?
    28. BLUFF GOD
      im on po as problems
    29. DarkDiglett
      wen fite nu +12
    30. spencrox
      Tier Tournament opp. GMT -6. I see you occasionally in the tournaments channel (where I'm most likely to be found) Server name: failsohard
    31. tobyfant
      Durant, the only real (Little Used) Uber
    32. Finchinator
      Rohail's tour, Fite, GMT-4,I see you in rage channel, Weekday afternoon / evening and sporadic weekend activity, wen fite
    33. noname4505
      he we're opponents in finch's UU tour. I'm gmt-4, let me know what times you can fight
    34. Marina
      Hi, we seem to be opponents in that weird generations tournament thing. When can we fight?
    35. SongSing
      when are fite lc tour
    36. Rusl
      Yeah as it turns out today isn't good for me either so Thursday or Friday potentially
    37. Rusl
      We are usually on together. Does tomorrow work for you in regards to the top down uu tour.
    38. Darklight
      You have been matched up against me in the Nuzlocke tournament, timing please?
    39. ajhockeystar
      You have been matched up against Darklight in the Nuzlocke tournament.
    40. Rioku
      Please send Riddle Cup answers ASAP!
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