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Steam Baron
Mar 30, 2013
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Steam Baron

The Steamroller Guy, Male

    1. Lightning Master
      Lightning Master
      Ei, cara, mals por não dar notícias, eu tava estudando que só na universidade, o período acabou quase agora (só pra recomeçar dia 31, haha =P ).
      Como é que tu vai?
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    PO Trainer Name:
    Steam Baron


    (23:05:22) HiddenSteamNinja: STRONG leaf here
    (23:06:08) ±Game: Hades attacks HiddenSteamNinja, but HiddenSteamNinja is no ordinary Leaf Shinobi, and is able to fight back with fierce strength. At the end of the battle, neither person is left alive.

    Rule 1 of PO Mafia: Always trust Steam
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