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Maple Syrup
Mar 31, 2013
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Dec 2, 2014

Maple Syrup

blessermans, Male, from north of you

blessed Apr 11, 2014

    1. Honey cocaine
      Honey cocaine
      hi, we gotta play for the powc and i'd like to play as soon as posible. im gmt-4 and i'd prefer if we can battle at my afternoon. when would you like to play?
      1. Maple Syrup
        Maple Syrup
        I might be able to play on Sunday, I have a hockey tournament over the weekend and it depends if my team advances or not.
        Play on PS or PO?
        May 30, 2014
      2. Honey cocaine
        Honey cocaine
        ok np, PS
        May 30, 2014
    2. Monsters of Men
      Monsters of Men
      Eyyy, ma boi starting in Ubers for Canada. :]
      1. Maple Syrup likes this.
    3. White Kyurem
      White Kyurem
      Hey, we need to battle. I'm GMT+0. Tell me your time zone so that we can organise when we can battle for the XY OU Doubles Tournament.
      1. Maple Syrup
        Maple Syrup
        gmt -4 I posted on your wall, whats your PO name
        Apr 19, 2014
    4. Maple Syrup
    5. Maple Syrup
      Maple Syrup
      don't drift away
    6. Rayzark
      We have to play for the POYT
      When can you play?
    7. Robert-
      we gotta battle for the clan tour im gmt-6 and you can usually find me around smogon tour times =]
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    Maple Syrup
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