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Oct 18, 2010
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Jul 13, 2017

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    1. ToF
      been on smogtours for a few hours and haven't seen you yet..
    2. Kokuhyou
      it is r2 now, when you wanna play?
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      2. george182
        I'll be on IRC #ruinsofalph as george182, if I'm on PO I'll most likely use an alt, will you be on PO?
        Jan 6, 2015
      3. Kokuhyou
        i'll find you on irc then
        Jan 6, 2015
      4. george182
        Are you online now?
        Jan 7, 2015
    3. Kokuhyou
      we gotta battle for the old gen tour. im est. when you wanna play?
      1. george182
        I can play tonight, but r2 hasn't started yet?
        Jan 3, 2015
      2. Kokuhyou
        oh my bad then. was thinking our battle was still r1 lol
        Jan 4, 2015
    4. HSOWA
      I'm on now
    5. HSOWA
    6. HSOWA
      I'm the same timezone, I can be on from 4pm-11pm every day this week.
    7. Porengan
      Hey Geo, my timetone is GMT+2 (summertimes). If you want we can battle wednesday around 6pm my times?
    8. Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Big Bad Booty Daddy
      Am proud/impressed
    9. Big Bad Booty Daddy
    10. Big Bad Booty Daddy
    11. ABR
      Hi, we have to play for CL, when can you? I'm GMT +2 btw
    12. Johnidel
      Yeah, I'll be able to do that np.
    13. Johnidel
      Need to battle you for POCL. I'm on the east coast, lemme know your time zone and we can get this done e z
    14. viamage
      Also, i always regret what i recognize as me haxing someone else and apologize, you don't see many complainers doing that, now do you?
    15. viamage
      That was the very question I asked myself when i was making that my Sig. Haxers complain to show a lack of skill and often have a sense of superiority in my experience. You could argue that i have a sense of superiority, but i only try talking about what i know, and I only place myself above others where it's obvious. I will not answer your question directly because those who think I'm worse (usually people who complain) will always think I'm worse no matter what and those who don't (usually those who're tired of complainers) will think different. I merely present my views
    16. living things
      living things
      Ok i wait for the next tutoring period, hopefully i'll be one of your next tutees.
    17. living things
      living things
      Hey man i want to learn dpp ou and fakes told me that you are a good player and a nice guy. I would be happy if you could tutor me.
    18. Abdelrahman
      Good with me, I'll be pretty active, too.
    19. Abdelrahman
      Hey man, I'm happy to be your tutee. And I'm avail from 5 PM to 5 AM my timezone. (GMT +2). I also have plenty of time since I'm in the summer vacation currently.
    20. Firer
      that fits perfect... thx
      I'll be waiting for you... btw monday my school has some special weird idk thing so i probably cant be online already on 2, but more likely on 3... so dont come online that early and wait a hour for me.
    21. Firer
      well normally from 2-6 pm... monday,tuesday,friday
      (times in gmt +1)
    22. HolyTorterra
      Hey, saw you're an approved tutor. Mind helping me out? I'm Esper Jack on the servers and I'm usually found at Tohjo Falls.
    23. Archerknight
      Lol your name reminds me of this guy I know called George_1982...

      Sorry - nice RMT btw.
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