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Oct 21, 2010
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Dec 25, 2014

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Father of the Year 2014!, Male, from I am omnipresent

    1. pokemonnerd
      Nevermind it was just really small in the CAP thread.
    2. pokemonnerd
      What does your avatar actually say?

      It's too small to read and it'll bother me all night.
    3. Um Hello?
      Um Hello?
      VM'ing for UU TDKD, I'm GMT.

      Should be on Um Hello? most of the time
    4. Treecko
      a few hours later would be better, probably around 8ish
    5. Treecko
      That might work, just give me a time and I'll try to be there. The later the better.
    6. Treecko
      Hey when can you fight for uu tdkd?
    7. VuvuzelaΒzz
      A check is a Pokemon that can switch into the opposing Pokemon's most commonly used move and be able to defeat it in return.

      What qualifies as defeating is:

      - Can KO the opposing Pokemon without being KO'd itself.
      - Can stall the opposing Pokemon indefinitely using its recovery options either forcing it out or healing enough that the stalling Pokemon can alternate between recovery and attacking.
      - Can cripple this Pokemon with a permanent status move without risking a OHKO.
      - Can set up, use hazards, weather, or otherwise inhibit an opponent's strategy without risking a 2HKO.

      That's the original definition of a check. People just butcher it in basically every suspect ever, so everyone thinks check=revenge killer.
    8. Lord Emvee
      Lord Emvee
      Hey buddy it seems you're online right now. You wanna do the LTT r2 match?
    9. Lord Emvee
      Lord Emvee
      You can find me on the IMP channel. Whenever you're ready, come there.
    10. Lord Emvee
      Lord Emvee
      Sounds good. I should be on about an hour after that, give or take an hour. Hope to see you then!
    11. Lord Emvee
      Lord Emvee
      Hey what timezone are you in and when are you free for LTT r2?
    12. VuvuzelaΒzz
      Alright, neat. I was going to be online then anyways :]
    13. VuvuzelaΒzz
      Ok, cool. 5 PM in what timezone though?
    14. VuvuzelaΒzz
      Hey, we're opponents in the LTT. I can be on at pretty much any time, as long as you've informed me of it in advance, so we shouldn't have any activity issues. I'd prefer if we play after Wednesday, but if it's not possible we can play before then.

      P.S. I suck atm, so enjoy the free wins :]
    15. palkia62
      that sounds good. see you then.
    16. palkia62
      We're opponents for the UU subforum tour. I'm GMT +1 so tell me when can you battle?
    17. Finchinator
      No, Blissey was banned in UU because it was broken!
    18. Scene
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