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Jun 23, 2013
Likes Received:

Awarded Medals 3

    1. Joyverse
      Come back fam. :(
    2. snaga
      when fight for ou tour gmt-4 i can fight during my nights
    3. Finchinator
      Hey, we gotta play for POT Finals. I'm GMT-4 and can play everyday next week bar Saturday and most of Sunday due to IRL obligations. My weekday activity is from 2pm to 10pm, but I could stay up another hour or two to play if need be. Let me know when works best for you so we can try and get this in before next weekend, thanks!
    4. Cronenberg
      We've to play for pot
      When are you free?i'm gmt+2 and i can play today from 1pm to 4pm,tomorrow in the morning and maybe after 9pm,thursday in the morning and maybe in the noon or after 9pm and friday same of thursday.I can't play during the week end
    5. mibuzumaki
      Uhm when are u coming on PO so we can start?
    6. Finchinator
      srry i missed ur pm on the server cuz was busy. tonight or tomorrow anytime p much (gmt-4)
    7. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      Yo Celebi, this completely slipped my mind, but did we end up deciding a day to do that NU subforum tour? I completely forgot if we did. Wanna do it either tomorrow or sunday since deadline is sunday?
    8. Joeypals!!
      I can battle today, I'll be online.
    9. Finchinator
      Wen fite
    10. During Summer
      During Summer
      dp tour, when? gmt+2here
    11. Joyverse
      We gotta fight for the MonoGen you ready?
      When can we fight?
    12. E.T.
      When do you want to battle for the HGSS OU thingy? I'm GMT-5, and it will probably be easier for me to battle this weekend. I haven't been seeing you on the server when I'm normally online unless you've been using an alt that I'm not familiar with.
    13. La.Neptune
      Hi i am your opponent for the finals of Underused items tour i am GMT +5:30 active mostly between 11:00 AM-1:00PM so tell me when would you like to play if you find it difficult i can manage my time a bit.
    14. Raducan
      hey we're opponents for the gauntlet tour i'm gmt -8

      let me know when you wanna play friend
    15. gengar17
      hey, im fine battling tomorrow from anytime between noon to midnight gmt +2 cuz it's a holiday here, but i have a couple of exams on thursday so i'll probably only be online for the scheduled time, not later or sooner. if you can't tomorrow, friday + is fine by me since exams would be over
    16. somerandomguy
      uts when fight im gmt+3
    17. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
      Hey celebi. when do you want to battle for the LTT? I'm gmt -6, so just drop a time to make it and we'll battle.
    18. Ranger Mike
      Ranger Mike
      Hey idk if I need to get approval for it on here but can I post a thread for balanced hackmons in side metas?
    19. topah
      wanna fite on saturday then?
    20. tobyfant
      Find me as toby in tournaments channel
    21. -Mike-
      when fight
    22. Decision Makers
      Decision Makers
      I can play now if you're on
    23. Zoroark
      Grats celebee :D
    24. Yagura
      1. Yagura
        Sep 1, 2014
    25. ZoroDark
      how can i join the proof fanclub
    26. Decision Makers
      Decision Makers
      When you can play for POCL ? I'm GMT +2
    27. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      gratz on TL! Where do you even mod lol
    28. Kody
      hey sorry i didnt let probs know sooner. i thought i could make it back in state :[
    29. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      hi fren we have to fight for pocl. My alt is Kurumi Tokisaki, timezone is +8 GMT and I might be on during the night my time (9pm to 10pm).
    30. Luck>Skill
      hello, we have to play for UUCL, GMT is +2 and am free whenever this week, let me know when you can play
    31. Proof
      your signature LOOOOL
    32. Duncajuwon
      Hey we need to play for the Tiers Tournament
      I can be on any day any time since its summer
      I see you on a lot, so hopefully we can catch each other on and make things simpler
    33. Cameltoed
      Hey we're paired for POT

      I'm GMT+2 and I can play almost at every time. I should have to study during next week so I'd prefer playing in this. Every day is fine, weekend is preferred but not so much. Tell me your timezone and when you can play.
      1. Cameltoed
        Maybe if you answer to this it should be fine
        Jul 8, 2014
      2. Cameltoed
        are you alive?
        Jul 8, 2014
    34. SongSing
      we should fight lu
      i see you sometimes so we can probably find eachother in tours or somethin
    35. tobyfant
      We need to play for the LU tour
      i'm GMT+1 and i can be flexible with times to play
      What day could you play
      You can find me in #Tournaments as toby
    36. fitzy
      so we play for monotheism tours
      GMT +1, can't play on the friday
      when's good for you?
    37. Yagura
      i'm your tutee
      let's have fun
    38. Shadow Sneak
      Shadow Sneak
      pm a mod=name change
    39. Atli
      Hi we're opponents for Monotype subforum tour. I'm GMT +1, when do you want to play?
    40. Draciel
      1. Yagura
        May 8, 2014
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