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Oct 26, 2010
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Mar 21, 2021


Active Member, Male, 29, from London

    1. Tropical Teo
      Tropical Teo
      Hey, When you can play for powc? I'm GMT +2
    2. Oltan
      test i am gmt+3 free on weekend/friday evenings
    3. La.Melle2402
      Hey, when can we play for inverted monotour? Im gmt +1 and most of the time free
    4. Edna
      Hi when play inverted mono
    5. gengar17
      hey when do u wanna battle for the mega tour? my team is ready and until this friday i can only do 6-12 pm gmt +3. after friday it's much easier for me cuz work ends.
      we gotta fight for the standard ou tour. We can fight on smogtours if you want, just tell me a time that's convenient for you and I'll be on, I'm like asleep from 5am-1pm GMT +5 (good timings ik) but aside from that I'm free
    7. scorpdestroyer
      hi fight for NU subforum tour? gmt+8
    8. Disaster Area
      Disaster Area
      bro thoughts on doing some DPP stuff over on http://www.pokemonperfect.com/forums/index.php ? Maybe I or you could host some DPP tours, and if they become reasonably popular (say 8 people per tour minimum) then I could hold them very regularly) and your analysis wouldn't feel alone amongst the RBY stuff that is being written!
      1. Disaster Area
        Disaster Area
        Any interest friend? ^_^
        Jul 18, 2015
    9. monferno
      nice 2-3 hours :c
    10. Atli
      hey, we're opps for lu subforum tour, i'm gmt +2 and usually available in my afternoons and evenings so let me know when you can play
    11. Sakuya Izayoi
      Sakuya Izayoi
      hey when fite for POT. I'm +8 gmt and I'm usually on from 9pm to 10pm my time. I can be found in #[Hero] under the name sakuya izayoi. I see you sometimes in bof on ps so I'll find u there.
    12. TGMD
      We fite for POT fren :] I'll be free like all next weekend if u wanna fite then, gl buddy
    13. East's Mascot
      East's Mascot
      Sup bro I'm your opp for Draciel's NU tour, when do you wanna play. I'm gmt -5 and pretty available.
    14. Zellel
      We're supposed to play hgss POWC this week I live in GMT+3, write me when it's okay for you to play.
    15. Raducan
      hey, we're opponents for the Smeargle Tour. My timezone is GMT -8, let me know what times you can play please
    16. Raducan
      hey, we're opponents for UUCL. My timezone is GMT -4, let me know when you can play please
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      2. Raducan
        Unfortunately, I'm actually really busy on Thursday.

        Do you think you can suggest another time so that this can work?
        Jul 16, 2014
      3. SOMALIA
        Today for the next hour or so I'd be online, if not then Friday between 7-9pm gmt+1
        Jul 16, 2014
      4. Raducan
        Friday would definitely be the best for me
        Jul 17, 2014
    17. FrontierDarkness
      We're against each other for the So Much Untapped Power NU tour, any time available for u? I'm GMT+10
    18. Nog
      yo want to do a tutoring session on irc in a couple mins?
    19. Epikhairz
      hello somalia we might possibly be opponents for finch's uu tour, but finch said to contact u anyways. i'm gmt -7 and should be available to play for all weekdays that aren't monday next week
    20. ABR
      Hello, when can you play?
      btw I'm gmt +1
    21. Asuya
      wtf please play I want to see your match :(
    22. meeps
      wen fite
      1. meeps
        o ya forgot wont be able to fite this weekend, not until after 2 pm sunday gmt -5 (i think i'll be back then) and i'll probably be available all day monday, thursday is ok too after 3 pm probably
        Jun 4, 2014
    23. MetalGross
      hi we have to play a RBY UU battle lol
      I'm GMT +2 active after 5pm in the week but exams are coming up so yeah
      also available all day Wednesday, this Thursday and Friday + weekend
    24. Karppi
      Hi. We need to play for HGSS BO3 Tour. So when would you like to play. I'm GMT+2, I'm mostly using alt Amaterasu on server and I'm usually online during my evenings.
    25. palkia62
      Ok. I'm same timezone, so meet you on Saturday.
    26. Radli
      We are opponents for HGSS BO3 tournament. When you would like to play?
    27. Finchinator
      I will be on during that range for at least some, if not all of it.
      See you then!
    28. Finchinator
      Hey, you're Somalia - right?
      Assuming you are, we have to play or the XY OU tournament.
      I am GMT -5 and can play later afternoons / evenings on weekdays and I am free frequently over the weekend.
      I usually see you on the server during my afternoon, iirc, so we shouldn't have any issues getting this done.
      Gl and hope there are no issues with getting the battle done :D
    29. Virizion
      Sure. If I am on a little later than 5pm it'll be because I've just finished helping with making a school play, just to let you know.
    30. Virizion
      Hey! I gotta face you for Round 1 of the XY OU Forum Tournament. I'm GMT+0 like you (UK) and I see you quite a bit on 14001500. VM me back what time you wish to battle! I can make anyday after 4pm but Wednesday (not at all). ;)
    31. JhenMohran
      Art request finished! (sorry about the wait)
    32. Yipy
      Sup dude, we're opponents for round 4 in the tourny. Unfortunately i leave for vacation tomorrow morning but ill be home monday and ill be able to battle any day after that. My timezone is gmt -3
    33. Clarion
      You'll start Wifi UU for Week 5. Good luck, and wreck it for me.
    34. Keroro Gunso
      Keroro Gunso
      HI, I'm your opp in POWC
      GMT +7
      My nickname is Robin Gibb2
    35. braveswin11
      Ello Somalia, I'm your opponent in The Restrict District tour.

      My timezone is GMT -4, so reply back with a time good for you.

      Also, tell me when you've submitted your team to blitz.
    36. Fabian
      Somalia~ im in China right now~ im back at 22nd
    37. Clarion
      Greetings, Somalia!

      I'm your opponent for the "What's the Word?" Tournament. Tell me when you're available (before July 15), then we'll set a schedule for us to battle. :)
    38. SockPuppet

      Soma! Hey, bro! Cloud from PBC here.
    39. Rarity
      energy ball jellicent
    40. Darchrow
      HI Boss! :)
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