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Jun 23, 2010
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Jan 25, 2013

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    1. twofivefive
      Hey you're back!
    2. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      just noticed the weathernub avatar :P
    3. Lady Umb
      Lady Umb
      crappy scripter
      petetic guy :P
    4. Lady Umb
      Lady Umb
      y u no return????
    5. Elements
      You going to make a return to the server?
    6. Stunt
    7. Elements
      PM me if you ever sign back on+
    8. Eternal
      You have been chosen as a candidate for the Pokemon Online Well. Would you be willing to participate?
    9. Elements
    10. zeroality
      Just FYI, the 'chinese scientists' comment I made wasn't racist at all. I just said that because I saw a picture once where someone in China was riding a bicycle that worked on water. >_>
    11. Marche Radiuju
      Marche Radiuju
      Found your picture on facebook.

      Protip; don't use your irl name on the internet.
    12. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      (11:18) Tonico: umad?
      (11:19) Annoying Orange: fuck that.
      (11:19) Annoying Orange: why so nubbish
      (11:19) Tonico: hehe
      (11:19) Annoying Orange: looking at my team
      (11:19) Tonico: I was testing someone's team
      (11:19) Tonico: That I needed to rate
      (11:19) Annoying Orange: YOU DONT HAVE TO OPEN MINE
      (11:19) Annoying Orange: -.-
      (11:19) Tonico: And I saw it before the match, while browsing, I didn't open it during the match
      (11:19) Annoying Orange: lie
      (11:19) Tonico: True
      (11:19) Annoying Orange: you said let you open it
      (11:19) Annoying Orange: and took a minute
      (11:20) Annoying Orange: to open it
      (11:20) Tonico: I wasn't for real man
      (11:20) Tonico: I had to go to the bathroom
      (11:20) Tonico: umad?
      (11:20) Tonico: Cmon, don't be mad

      -reporting a megauser for acting like a complet nub, thanks.
    13. Weavile
      CG is a P cool guy
    14. Annoying Orange
    15. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      every episode he is on, thats all he does.
    16. Erebos
      it's mainly the last three paragraphs which are applicable to us - if you just read them and ignored the rest, you'd think the article was written for P.O.

      To be honest, it's been hit right on the nail. From now on, I will remind myself of this line:

      "The opportunity cost to the inordinate amount of time that is spent swatting away these ideas is that less time is spent debating policies and ideas that have a real chance of being enacted."

      whenever posting in those threads. Just pressing that "ignore" button.
    17. Lady Umb
    18. Zed
      Are you the one from mysidia?
    19. BlueCookies
      No deagle never did anything wrong. coolguy just hates MSankey for some reason. you're still welcome to come chill on IRC and play gamecube if you want coolguy. also you never told me how old you are, I narrowed it to 7, 16,17,18, 27
    20. Metabou26
      Hello this is Metabou, well you never responded to me when I was pming you. I told you my brother goes by the username deagle. I am wondering why you can't just mute him instead of banning him which also bans me. I would also like to know how long the ban is for. Could you please let me know. I never did a thing to get banned, but my brother obviously did.
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