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Oct 30, 2010
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Dec 4, 2012


I'm so bad at this game., from Maryland

    1. Oh So Shoddy
      Oh So Shoddy
      I want to find out who's really interested in joining the Fantasy Basketball League, so I'm sending this to all the signups. PM me your email address if you think you'll be active for the 17-23 weeks of the NBA regular season and want to join.
    2. IFM
      When do you want to play for the GBA tour?
    3. mael
      i will be only the half night and now about a hour
      it will be hard to battle this weekend for me S:
      only very late at the evenings
    4. smbcha (Derwin)
      smbcha (Derwin)
      Are you still here for the Battle Recording Team? I haven't seen you anywhere and you said you would be recording videos.
    5. mael
      whats going on?
    6. mael
      every evening from 18-20 wednesday from 13.30 to 15 the entire friday evening and sometimes after 16.00
    7. mael
      hey :D
      you are my subway tournament opponent :D
      when do you have time?
      my timezone is +1
    8. El InToCaBlE!
      El InToCaBlE!
      Bro im in the Pokemon Online server all the hours o.o
    9. cosmicexplorer
    10. cosmicexplorer
    11. Gym Master
      Gym Master
      I will be busy till the deadline day. Give me a time (after 7pm) that you will be able to battle that day.. if you will be able at all.
    12. Gym Master
      Gym Master
      I'm assuming the 9ish suggestion was made yesterday (dunno how I missed the notification cos I came on at 10 yesterday but somehow didn't see it).
      I'll try catching you today and check-in around 4, 6 and 8 pm (GMT) both here and on the PO game server.

      EDIT: I'm online but not actively so message me when you get online (on the server) also if you message here i may see it (in case my connection to the server disconnects)
    13. Harry
      can i have the URL of the photobucket for your chandy avatar? i love it.
    14. Gym Master
      Gym Master
      Let me know a time (today after 5.30 GMT or tomorrow and after). Any time after 9am GMT should be fine for me, just give me 24 hours notice (unless its today in which case 1 hour should do).
    15. vemone
      Mine's the same
    16. cosmicexplorer
      I have this bookmarked now. You are my hero.
    17. pokemonnerd
      Just read your response to This and lol'd pretty hard.
    18. yiran

      I am getting lectured by someone oak says is intellegent.
      <3 Anyways for not being Pro-ban
    19. yiran
      Y u no like me
    20. Eternal
      You've been chosen as a candidate for the PO well. If you're interested in partaking, then reply by posting on my Visitor Messages.
    21. JRJuggernaut
      I'll be on later today if you wanna battle
    22. DarkDiglett
      im your opponent for the alphabet tournament, i have seen you online, so a time shouldn't be too hard. We can organize one if we cant find each other though
    23. JRJuggernaut
      I am also gmt -4 should be able to get on within the next day or two
    24. Yuki Nagato
      Yuki Nagato
      I know this might be sorta a wierd request but umm..... welll..... can i eat you? :3
    25. cosmicexplorer
      Actually you suck at pokemon because you have fewer posts than me and you don't agree with me. :D
    26. -AlphaAmpharos-
      LOL Epic avatar bro.

    27. HeroOfSinnoh
      Ugh ... bad timezone matchup ...

      but, check me on at [LD]Hero <- I normally ladder with that.

      If I don't answer the PM it means I'm afk.
    28. cosmicexplorer
      I am loving your sig.
    29. HeroOfSinnoh
      +5.30 GM for me btw.
    30. HeroOfSinnoh
    31. Shawn Frost
      Shawn Frost
      we're on the region wars tournament. Think you can be on Thursday, say around 3-6PM? GMT+6 time :3
    32. cosmicexplorer

      Do you have a Smogon account?
    33. Wulfert
      I see you on at the forums, so why aren't you on at the sim?
    34. Wulfert
      At the weekends I can be on pretty much at the whole day.
    35. Wulfert
      Sigh, I don't see you on. <.<
    36. Luck>Skill
      Hi, we have to battle for the Six Shooters-Wifi OU tournament :3
    37. ladysalamence
      ... I have to leave by 9:30...
    38. ladysalamence
      PokeBeach or Treehouse, your pick. See you there.
    39. ladysalamence
      How about tomorrow?

      I have to build my team.
    40. ladysalamence
      You went off...

      What are your usual times?
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