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Um Hello?
Aug 9, 2013
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May 28, 2019

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    1. big ed
    2. MetalGross
    3. Finchinator
      Let's compare me explaining how I will respond to people and doing it in an organized fashion (UU thread) and someone else posting a fragment of a post with an irrelevant point (Fisherman, LU thread) and then call me a hypocrite for no good reason, ok.

      I respect that you have something to say and can use the suspect discussion to express your opinion, but there is no need to go out of your way and totally stretch two incomparable situations to draw a conclusion that I am a hypocrite (which is what you did at the end of your post). Not only does it have no use in the suspect thread, but it is also incorrect.

      I hope you don't take this personally, I just find it unnecessary and detracting from the actual content that you are posting. Thanks for reading this and as I said, no offense intended.
    4. MetalGross
      Ok I autojoined [Hero] and I usually go on these alts: The Crescendolls, B∆STILLE and MetalGross.
      I'm GMT +1 but I have vacation so I can play pretty much all day.
    5. NidoTheKing
      I'm NidoTheKing78 online.

      Today, tomorrow, and Saturday really isn't that great for me, but I'm basically free Friday and Sunday.
    6. The Dude
      The Dude
      Thanks for telling me your available times and GMT in that VM lol

      Anyway I'm GMT+12 and I'm pretty swamped this work with work so hopefully I'll catch sometime next weekend when I should be fairly active on the server.
    7. RockyRd
      good vm imo
      -5 just find me on server sometime on as RockyRd or we could set up a time or osmething
    8. palkia62
      Hey, we're opponents for the LTT tour. I'm GMT +1 so when can you battle?
    9. Yagura
      get an avatar >o<
    10. pokemonnerd
      About your post in the UU suspects thread, I'm just so awesome I led LU twice while leading it.

      But yeah I have to yell at Hikari for that lol.
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    [TR]Superior.: Um hello

    [TR]Superior.: We both know how much hax this game was. Would you please be polite to draw just this once

    [TR]Superior.: I am a same kind person that does this too sometimes ;)

    [TR]Superior.: Not even a reaction? Didn't think you were this kind of person ..

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