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Aug 14, 2013
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Feb 12, 2014

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      Yeah, I figured. That's why I couldnt find you either lol. We both made a mistake. Thanks man
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      It seems that round 4 is already up, though, and I won the coinflip (or they checked my activity logs since you werent responding for the majority of it)
    3. Proof
      I was under a different alt ("choice") looking for you, but you weren't on either. I decided to check VM's jjust a minute ago, and saw that you are on too. What alt were you on? I couldn't find you under babybot.
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      Jeez, my bad. I was on an alt I'm sorry. I'm on now and will be for the next hours and a half.
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      All right. I'll be on in 5 hours (6:30) until 8. Let's finally get this done haha
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      Oh not bad. Sunday at 7 PM good?
    7. Proof
      Im your opponent for r3 of POYT I already have all 3 teams ready Im GMT -5 and I can battle any time (GMT -5) from 3-10 PM. Preferably 7 or 8 PM. Good luck, contact me when you're ready and set a time.
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