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Jun 24, 2010
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Oct 23, 2018 at 7:02 AM

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Only uso listens to pnerd. Devo too., Male

Article Contributor
    1. Elements
      I was just at gamestop. Tales of xillia us coming to USA in july. On my phone so autocorrect miht fuck this message up
    2. Xinc
      If you play Casual mode, you're not a real man. xD
    3. Luck>Skill
    4. Halsey
      Well Staff stopped posting in MD when it became public and only staff was allowed to post in it, so it was becoming useless.

      ete wanted to implement a system to give good users posting rights in that subforum, but it was one of those impossible to implement ideas and then he went inactive. No one proposed anything to fix this, so we decided to make it private again.

      If someone comes up with a good way to solve this issue we'll probably make it public again. So you should come back soon and help us with that!!!!!
    5. Halsey
      Nigga there is a web client, you have no excuses
    6. Halsey
      You need to get on the server!!!
    7. CrashinBoomBang
    8. CrashinBoomBang

      have fun with that then and gl

      also you should still come there if you find time js
    9. Weavile
      Nice to see you in lurk mode. Hello
    10. CrashinBoomBang
      hey pnerd come to you-know-which-channel on IRC pls because we might want to replay spyro in the near future and thought you might want to join!!
    11. Elements
    12. Cake
      yeah rip
    13. Big Cheese
      Big Cheese
      Sorry to hear that you're leaving. I know that all of us will greatly miss you.
    14. Isa

      Have a good time.
    15. Isa
      "I'm not going to be here anymore"

    16. Kumiho
      Uh, I need to finish my months old stuff for the wiki. Like the analyses. Sorry for not kidding it done, I'll get it done as soon as possible.
    17. Isa
      Oh Coyotte, you so crazy.

      I can only hope he listens to us...hopefully he will.
    18. Tyki
      Pnerd. We need moar LU challenges :3
    19. Darklight
      sorry, i tried getting on at that time, but i just can't do it. I usually stay at 4PM-6PM GMT +5.5
    20. Darklight
      So, at what time can you do the NEU Tour battle?
    21. Sir
    22. Xdevo
    23. Marley Rose
      Marley Rose
      Fix your avatar already
    24. Darklight
      Dat Phoenix Analysis
    25. Darklight
      hmm, you should remove Galvantula from my reserved analysis' in LU since I had way too much.
    26. Sir
      "I mean seriously LC is pretty much dead(DW UU gets more battles. Think about that.), and bringing back a bunch of pokemon proven broken when it was at peak activity won't do that much to revive it."
    27. Darklight
      i'm a fucking retard
    28. Halsey
      Will do. Also ask zero / crystal / oak for your mods there
    29. SteelEdges
      Yeah, sorry for the slow.
    30. Aurist
      thanks ^^
    31. zeroality
      Medicham unban needs a thread, and the link needs to be given to me/moogle/oak to update Current Events.
    32. User Name
      User Name
      Just something I saw and thought was amusing

      I am shamelessly stealing a portion of the OP from Luck>Skill's challenge thread.
      Which was, itself, stolen from Bad Romance, which was stolen from IFM. :P
      Which you probably already know but I find it amusing nonetheless.
    33. Halsey
      Because he hasn't changed all the things I told him to change

    34. zeroality
      "Er actually pnerd, you don't need a forums version. I'll be linking to the wiki article in the OP."

      VMing cos flash.
    35. Emperor PPP
      Emperor PPP
      Also, we need that Medicham LU retest up
    36. Mylo Xyloto
      Mylo Xyloto
      Virizion Analyses uploaded
    37. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      Fair enough.

    38. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      I didn't hear you pucker up.

      So why are you VMing me????
    39. Halsey
      Sand is banned from UU, now enslave it from LU.
    40. Galblade
      BS, that always happens to me :(
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    “Not even those who can see the future can keep from carrying out their fates.”

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