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Jun 24, 2010
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Sep 25, 2018

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Only uso listens to pnerd. Devo too., Male

Article Contributor
    1. Green Eyed Russian
      Green Eyed Russian
      I'd love to answer to this post:

      "I only play UU occasionally, and I know defensive Arcanine runs Morning Sun, and Torterra definitely runs Synthesis, since there's no point in using it without recovery. Unless you're trying to tell me only that funny offensive variant of Arcanine is the only viable one."
    2. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      kung fu snorlax?
    3. Luck>Skill
      Your avatar is pretty fucking amazing
    4. Stofil
      Woah, for using the laptop mouse that turned out quite pro.
    5. Stofil
      Sweet, thanks a bunch.
    6. Magnificent Faiyaz.
      Magnificent Faiyaz.
      Since youre not on the server im VM'ing you. Please add me to the Emerald Nuzlocke challenge.
    7. Professor Oak
      Professor Oak
      What's the ruling regarding Shedinja? I just caught a Nincada, and I'd like to know before I enter that cave, cos I don't want a Whismur.
    8. mael
      sorry man i was ill the last days :/
    9. Galblade
      yea I responded to PMs and VMs before reading it. derp
    10. zeroality
      Do you want the NU suspect threads in server announcement?
    11. Galblade
      Thanks, I was going to ask Oak about that too. Glad you got there before I did. How long is it now?
    12. DarkDiglett
      We see each other quite a bit online, I could get on earlier on the weekend so you dont play at night this time if you want.
    13. Galblade
      What's your opinion on this situation? if you can see DC please take a look at my arguments there. if anything I was being brutally honest >_>
    14. Galblade
      is the PO server down or am I banned now...
    15. Groudon Ramsay
      Groudon Ramsay
      How you know? lol
    16. VuvuzelaΒzz
      Just looking at it, I'd say ask coyo to update the stats before the time that we're scheduled to do the pocast, since it will make the possible drops/rises discussion easier to do. If I come up with anytihng else I'll VM you later.
    17. Clarion
      Got the message, pokemonnerd. =D
    18. VuvuzelaΒzz
      Permission to start a RU discussion in the LU sub-forum?
    19. Glade
      Looks like Iceydude beat me to it. What he said. Must begone
    20. twofivefive
      Can we ban Sableye in LU as well? I hate that thing X_X
    21. zeroality
      HELLO POKEMONNERD! Know why Gligar NU suspect thread didn't get added anywhere? Because you didn't tell anybody about it.

      Moogle is in charge of updating header/announcement. Please keep her apprised. No point in adding Gligar now though.
    22. Arctic Eclipse
      Arctic Eclipse
      Yo, I was reading your well and I saw that you found out about PO from watching a PO video on Youtube. Was it by any chance my videos because you were one of my few viewers XD.
    23. Luck>Skill
    24. zeroality
    25. zeroality
      LU has six stickies. Can we cut down on that? Seems like "LU Details" and "What is LU" could go into a single thread.

      Speed tiers really could be merged with LU Threats as well.
    26. twofivefive
      I agree with Django, Wobbufett is as broken as hell. Stops offense cold...
    27. Django
    28. Django
      So um, when can Wobb Gtfo?
    29. Halsey
      no u ;~;
    30. mael
      i just wanted to say that haunter is usefull without evo stone, its obvious that it doesnt hit that hard without LO ;)
    31. CrashinBoomBang
    32. Soul Crusher
      Soul Crusher
      Heym, can you unmute me on the server?

      I got muted for spamming channel commands. Im Harsh Thunderstorms on the server
    33. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      derp, I read that as it will be banned, not allowed. lol
    34. Roy Mustang
      Roy Mustang
      "Didn't prepare for rain, and couldn't test the team anyway. So I lost to bogdan."

      Politoed was banned in that tour...
    35. yiran
      Just reminding you you forgot to lock the Slowking thread in LU.
    36. Katy Perry
      Katy Perry
      Not at all. Tried since I got home around 4:30
    37. Katy Perry
      Katy Perry
      Pnnerd! Am I banned from the server? :\
    38. Stofil
      K, done naow
    39. Stofil
    40. Shaymin
      hey pnerd<3

      'tis I lulu. ba dum tss.
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