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Sep 12, 2013
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Oct 17, 2013

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    1. inigomontoya
      Sphynx. are you able to battle HGSS UU anytime? please only after Midnight GMT, we need to get this battle done
    2. Clarion
      I'll be on all day later on the server today. Just flash me on #Jamsch's Barracks channel and we'll battle. =)
    3. Nikitas
      Yo, give me sometime in the weekend that you can play :o
    4. Nikitas
      10pm my time should be fine. 4pm might work too but depends on my schedule on that day
    5. Nikitas
      so, im gmt+3 and have a flexible schedule, what about you? give me specific days and times plz.
    6. Clarion
    7. Sphynx
      I guess Friday is good for me. But if I dont show up, Sunday is good for me too.
      I meet you on the server.
    8. Clarion
      Sphynx, Would you please tell me what time I should be on, so you can show up?

      (I'll be on the server at 9 am GMT +8. Visit me at the channel called #Jamsch's Barracks.)
    9. Clarion
      11-hour difference. Not bad. If you're usually on during the night, meet me either on Wednesday or on Friday, starting 8 am (GMT +8) -- 9 pm for you.

      If we want to meet up in the weekend, I'm definitely not on the server on Saturday because I have a commitment to do. I'll be on the server on Sunday ~11:00 am, which is already midnight for you.

      Best of luck.
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