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Nov 10, 2010
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Come a little closer , from In bed

I like bananas. Apr 26, 2014

    1. Halsey
      Excellent display of autism
    2. Finchinator
      Better name change than Cased's!
    3. Windblown
      That name lol wtf
    4. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      Just a reminder (sending to everyone)
      Round 1 of the Ultimate Splice Contest has started.
    5. Alexander.
      we're paired in pocl. i'm gmt +2 and ready whenever
    6. mael
      +1 for that post in POCL thread
      that was a quality post
    7. Crystal Moogle
    8. kentashi
      Hiya hannah its me kenshi
    9. Virizion
      I hope I can talk to you more often on PO. :<
      Ily though. <3
    10. Sheldon1994
      Excuse me. Sorry for lacking information but I am pretty new here and wanting to join your challenge in which we cannot use moves that make pokemon switch. The one that ends on August 30th. I posted saying I want in but I am just unsure how to participate within the pokemon online. I know how to accept battle and such, I am just unsure if their is a certain place or a certain option I have to go to to participate. Could you help me? Even directing me somewhere else may help me.
    11. Jake And Fin
      Jake And Fin
      Hi Hannah, how are you? I'm newbie XD. Hope you go easy on me.
    12. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      It's perfect. and you even added small fry :D
    13. Madrigal
      No one will see this crap anyway, so hi.

      did i just copy your title go change immediately

      Annoying Orange, get out. Hannah is... well... not mine. She's Crystal's though =O
    14. Annoying Orange
    15. Crystal Moogle
    16. Laurel
      ill stay up and wait for you (: hopefully ur on soon.
    17. Laurel
      Okay ill be on server soon hopefully i find you.
    18. Laurel
      we need to play today for foresight tour message me when u see me please
    19. uso
    20. Photoshop
      Thanks Hannah!
    21. Pearl
      I hope so too- wait.. I can see you online now :D
    22. Spoovo The Pirate
    23. Crystal Moogle
    24. Big Bad Booty Daddy
    25. Raiza
      Hi we have to play for the Foresight Tournament,my GMT is +1.
      You can find me most of the time in the channel Team Italy on PO Main server.I am online almost all the time so you can find me easily.
      If I am not on ask for me.
    26. Blitzamirin
      A Touhou doujinshi that was never completed, I believe.

      Sorry :|
    27. Epikhairz
      Crap I'm GMT -7. Oh well I still see you on a lot so this shouldn't be a problem :3.
    28. Virizion
      Omg love your new avvy! ^_^ Who is it?
    29. Crystal Moogle
    30. Halsey
    31. Bullybear™.
      no nothing else
    32. Bullybear™.
      i would like to challenge you
    33. smbcha (Derwin)
      smbcha (Derwin)
      Alrighty. I will let him know. I'm glad that you don't mind :D
    34. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      I... would not know! ^-^

      I shall take your word for it though, as it makes sense. Because you are human, after all. :D
    35. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      I dunno... mine has actual eyebrows, not blobs. And she's a lot closer to legal. xD
    36. smbcha (Derwin)
      smbcha (Derwin)
      [9:25:51 PM] Vec: did you catch hannah derwin

      He wants to apologize to you so I am sending you this message hoping that you will see it.
    37. Spoovo The Pirate
      Spoovo The Pirate
      My loli is cuter than yours. :D
    38. Virizion
      Good game this evening, well played to you. Losing 2-1 to a pro isn't that bad. :)
      Also, may I receive a new Randomly Generated Pokémon Team please? Thanks!
    39. ღSpideyღ
      Hey Hannah. I applied for the Random Generated challenge but didn't receive a PM with the team not sure if you missed my name or have not sent out the PMs yet but if you could let me know? thanks!
    40. Incon

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    Too sugoii to live, too kawaii to die.


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