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Shadow Sneak
Nov 28, 2013
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Shadow Sneak

came in like, Male, from Dead

    1. La.Melle2402
      hey, we have to battle again :D this time for break a Pokemon. What u say tomorrow between 1 and 3 pm my time?
      1. Shadow Sneak
        Shadow Sneak
        That sounds a-ok
        Jan 1, 2016
      2. La.Melle2402
        Im online rn too, can you play now?
        Jan 1, 2016
    2. Duncajuwon
      hey Shadow Sneak
      we need to play for old generations tour
      im gmt -7, i can play anytime since christmas break
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      2. Duncajuwon
        I'm on...
        Dec 25, 2014
      3. Shadow Sneak
        Shadow Sneak
        sorry something came up, im not free tomorrow but ill be on all day friday
        Dec 25, 2014
      4. Duncajuwon
        Aight I'll try to find u on fri
        Dec 25, 2014
    3. buny
      1. Shadow Sneak
        Dec 5, 2014
    4. ThunderStruck0011
      Oh hey, happy birthday.
    5. Tupac Shakur
      Tupac Shakur
      Frend. I thought you was black, not green. What is going on.
    6. Marina
      Hey uh, remember how I said I'd watch the first episode? I kinda, ah, went a tad overboard. If you wanna catch up before I get on the server tomorrow, I'm on episode eight now!
    7. Marina
      See Sneak I told you you couldn't beat Goldy-sama :o
    8. Gol D. Roger
      Gol D. Roger
      Heyo, Sneak. I'm your opp for POT R2, hi! I live in US Central time zone, and can play a lot of evenings and, generally, weekends. I cannot under any circumstances play early in the day until ~4 PM CST M-F due to work conflicts. Please let me know what times are best for you, and when you want to start playin'!
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      2. Shadow Sneak
        Shadow Sneak
        for sure for sure
        Jul 25, 2014
      3. Gol D. Roger
        Gol D. Roger
        Hey something came up I won't be on until 10 PM but I WILL BE ON AROUND THEN.
        Jul 26, 2014
      4. Shadow Sneak
        Shadow Sneak
        ok '-'
        Jul 26, 2014
    9. Marina
    10. Sunny Girl
      Sunny Girl
      ur avatar is 2 lewd 4 me
      reported enjoy ur ban
      1. Marina
        Did you really?
        Jul 13, 2014
      2. Sunny Girl
        Sunny Girl
        No, not really.
        Jul 14, 2014
      3. Yagura
        >implying rain woman is using a pornstar avatar
        Jul 14, 2014
    11. Marina
      If you fucking thought regular fucking Osu! was fucking hard, try it with the fucking Hidden mod
      fucking circles disappear after a few fucking seconds
      fucking timer circles that tell you when to fucking click aren't even fucking there
      fucking spinners didn't fucking change
      fuck the fucking hidden mod
      1. Shadow Sneak
        Jul 3, 2014
    12. jeff pls go
      jeff pls go
      1. Shadow Sneak likes this.
    13. Marina
      sneak do you know what moonshine is
      1. Shadow Sneak
        Jun 22, 2014
    14. buny
      hi i miss you
    15. Marina
      You should go to Sneak Tutors more often, it'd be easier to find ya there. :v
    16. ! HC ! Angelite
      ! HC ! Angelite
      It just means that Xerneas cannot sweep that easily. Which is the same with anything offensive that sets up. For example one does not want to start setting up Calm Minds on mono attacking Kyogre when the opponent has a Shaymin-S in good health. vvvvvvvvv
    17. ! HC ! Angelite
      ! HC ! Angelite
      But if someone has a team with a lot of Pokemon that Klefki forces out, is it good team building? Imo it's ridiculous to count Klefki out and act as if Swagger was purely only a joke of a strategy, while it actually needs a good team to support it to be truly good, unless Klefki is used to patch holes such as weakness to Xerneas or something, of course, but even then I doubt it's that overwhelming.
    18. ! HC ! Angelite
      ! HC ! Angelite
      But that is inefficient use of a Klefki, unless Kyogre, etc. are locked in the wrong move, which would imply that the opposition is either desperate or lacks solid tactical planning, both of which are advantages for yourself unless it happens in the end game and you get unlucky, but the odds still lean in your favour the majority of time, unless opponent only needs one turn of self-hit.
    19. ! HC ! Angelite
      ! HC ! Angelite
      Only if your opponent manages to outmaneuver you to get into ideal position or is extremely lucky (or your team allows many set up opportunities for certain Pokemon), but last time I checked, being prone to negative luck does not, in fact make a luck based strategy overpowered.
    20. ! HC ! Angelite
      ! HC ! Angelite
      Because it is not broken for the tier and adds strategic depth.
    21. Marina
    22. Marina
      Sneeeeek where did you gooooo :(
    23. MewtwoHidden
    24. Marina
      wait no actually M comes first :3
    25. SongSing
    26. Marina
      SS + M ;D
    27. Marina
      But I miss you ;-;
    28. Marina
      Shadow Sneak come back :<
    29. ThatMushroom
      You gotta be in tune with the Sun, stars and Moon fren :]
    30. FrontierDarkness
      btw I'm FrontierD on the server
    31. FrontierDarkness
      I'm GMT +10 so like my last opponent ( which was also GMT -5 ) could we battle at 5-7 pm your time?
    32. Virizion
      Yeah it was because not enough people were inactive for you to sub in for them :[

      RIP Shadow Sneak
    33. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      nvm round 1 started on the same thread
    34. Annoying Orange
      Annoying Orange
      A reminder to add your riolu drawing into your comment on the drawing contest signups
    35. Virizion
      Shadow Sneak is no longer King

    36. ! HC ! Angelite
      ! HC ! Angelite
      I heard you took a break from PO, it would have been nice to know, but since we've met rather recently, I understand why you skipped that part. A lot of the people are/were happy to have you around, so I look forward to seeing you again in the future, whenever you get back. :)
    37. Monsters of Men
      Monsters of Men
      I probably will be joining POWC. Also, honestly if you're looking for teambuilding help that's not my strength. I'm much more of a "player" than a "teambuilder".
    38. Monsters of Men
      Monsters of Men
      You flatter me haha
      Also i'd be a shit tutor
    39. Monsters of Men
      Monsters of Men
      I'm not very good at it.
    40. Tupac Shakur
      Tupac Shakur
      Ah man, that sucks. Hope you do well, and i'll see you later I suppose.
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    Shadow Sneak
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    (16:08:13) kelpo: man i loved gsc sprites way better than these fucking shitass 3d models
    (16:11:18) kelpo: comapre this http://pldh.net/media/pokemon/gen2/gold/123.png to this http://pldh.net/media/pokemon/gen6/xy-animated/123.gif
    (16:11:30) kelpo: in the first one scyther looks like hes gonna smack a nigga
    (16:11:38) kelpo: in the 2nd one hes just fucking hovering there
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