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Jan 10, 2014
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Aug 1, 2014

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    1. Whereabouts Unknown
      Whereabouts Unknown
      That day works for me. What about times? Noon-3 pm is probably the best times for me (so 7-10 pm your time).
      1. Ada
        That should be fine. I'll be on the server from 6 to 11 pm tomorrow.
        Jul 19, 2014
    2. Whereabouts Unknown
      Whereabouts Unknown
      Hey, let me know what times you can play for the PO Tour. I'm at GMT -7.
    3. Marina
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    "For now, I still don't have enough power. In a head on situation, there is a possibility I could defeat the 'Queen of Night' Yotsuba Maya. My 'Decomposition' has good compatibility as a counter to her 'Night' after all.

    But the me as of now, even if I could beat our Aunt, I can't do anything about the Yotsuba. Force of arms alone, the threat of violence alone is not enough. If I displace our Aunt, another worse manipulator would simply show up in her place. At this moment, I can only follow."
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