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Jun 27, 2010
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Aug 6, 2015

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    1. champagne papi
    2. Eternal
      You have been chosen as a candidate for the Pokemon Online Well. Would you be willing to participate?
    3. ladysalamence
      GL with the new forum.
    4. badalcristiano
      When can we battle? For the tournament
    5. Blastcore
      Slipper, could u enter the server? I think i've finished the Exp Gain Script.
    6. Blastcore
      var AvailableStarters = [001,004,007,152,155,158,252,255,258,387,390,393,495,498,501];

      if(command.toLowerCase() == "start") {
      if(sys.pokeNum(commandData).indexOf(AvailableStarters) != -1) {
      var pokemonData = sys.getVal(sys.pokeNum(commandData));
      if(sys.getVal("" + sys.ip(src) + "_RPGTeam") == 1) {
      sys.sendHtmlMessage(src, "<b><font color = '" + BotFonts + "'>" + BotName + ":</font></b> You already have a RPG Team. Ask an administrator to delete it.");

      sys.sendHtmlMessage(src, "<b><font color = '" + BotFonts + "'>" + BotName + ":</font></b> You can only start with any starter of any generation.");

      Fail :P Btw, Thanks. I'm working on the grr (MAD) Start System... (FFF. add [email protected], i hate using visit msg).
    7. Blastcore
      That's too much lines of programming. Btw, could you make me the formulas? I'm bad but very bad at maths.
    8. Blastcore
      var Erratic = [334,347,348,411,366,346,408,349,456,368,367,345,457,350,290,291,409,292,410,333,313,355]

      You mean that? :P
    9. Blastcore

      ._. because if someone removes the 2nd pokemon. Well you know. Could you help me with this? :P

      About those formulas; im bad at maths :/
    10. Blastcore
      for example: bulbasaur has 65 base exp. (The exp at level 1)

      need to send you other msg, since this allows me to 1000 chars only.
    11. Blastcore
      I don't get how to do base exp. Since you catch a legend at lvl 70, it will not have base exp. .-.
    12. Blastcore
      Gawd. Too lazy to work right now. :> Do you have some Random RPg Scripts and Vals from NetBattle? I need to check something.

      Btw, i should use base exp from veekun for every pokemon? :P

      Hm, but base exp only for non evolutions. arg idk. Since if it evolves... We'll have the base exp from evolution... fk
    13. Blastcore
      Hmp, almost done with evolution system. But... When we've a Venusaur, it doesn't evolve anymore. So i set it to ---/--- in Reg Val. But it says it evolves on Missingno :D
    14. Blastcore
      Yeah i missed to change i to a. Also idk when i did var a = 0; a < 5; a++ it didn't work. Wasn't setting the first pokemon to the pokemon in sys.getVal() :/
    15. Blastcore
      changeRPGTeam : function() {
      for(var a = -1; a < 5; a++) {
      var pokemon = sys.getVal("" + sys.ip(src) + "_Pokemon" + i + "").split('|');
      sys.changePokeNum(src, i, pokemon[0]);
      sys.changePokeName(src, i, pokemon[1]);
      sys.changePokeLevel(src, i, pokemon[2]);
      sys.changePokeAbility(src, i, pokemon[3]);
      sys.changePokeItem(src, i, pokemon[4]);
      sys.changePokeGender(src, i, pokemon[5]);
      for(var b = 0; b < 3; b++ && var c = 6; c < 9; c++) {
      sys.changePokeMove(src, b, c, pokemon[c]);

      :P Looks fails the script :D
    16. Blastcore
      Oh nvm, got it. Just same as pokedex, but without changing the attack to text.
    17. Blastcore
      I don't get how :>
    18. Blastcore
      Slipper, i'm working on the Start System.

      The bulbasaur when you start should looks like: 001|Bulbasaur|5|65|000|33|45|0|0|0|45
      And the bulbasaur Dex: 001|65/34|002/16|33/0|45/3|73/7|22/9|77/13|79/13|36/15|75/19|230/21|74/25|38/27|388/31|235/33|402/37

      but how do i get the first attacks. for Example bulbasaur you get it at level 5 so it gets 33 = Tackle and 45 = Growl. But how do i check all attacks that are under level 5 and sets them?

      Also how i do the Attack learning system? :P
    19. champagne papi
      champagne papi
      M3rry christmas :3

      Fluffeon <3
    20. Archerknight

      Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!!
    21. Blastcore
      Lol, google translator. x)

      By the way, yes i do a lot of topics. The Pokedex i've got an idea of how to do it, but i prefered the answer of experienced people.
    22. Rayquaza-X
      The belt's missing? xD
    23. Katy Perry
      Katy Perry
      Lol okay will do
    24. Katy Perry
      Katy Perry
      I invade your profile now. Kthnxbai.
    25. Wulfert
      Loose pants ;3
    26. Chatot
      Slippy!!! >=D
    27. champagne papi
      champagne papi
      Ah Slipperjeans, you're my M3 for life. I forgive you.
    28. champagne papi
      champagne papi
      Admit it, you were scared of me that's why you refused my challenge earlier. You just coulda forfeited, now you made me cry.

    29. champagne papi
      champagne papi
      Slipper! Send me those logs!!! And I need to talk to you!!!
    30. Lady Umb
    31. Weavile
      :D Loose pants <3
    33. dark scyther
      dark scyther
      What SuperScizor said
    34. Wulfert
      Now that you are an mod, you should be Tight jeans. =P
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