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Nov 25, 2010
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Jun 28, 2016

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    1. IFM
      After this round, do BO3 single elimination.
    2. IFM
      Start making the deadlines a little shorter for your tour.
    3. Noodlez
      what happned to tour
    4. IFM
      Can u post rd 2-2 please.
    5. beartic
      how do you fihgt
    6. Mestre Nando
      Mestre Nando
      About the team importable, I'll look for the team and PM you the importable asap. Sorry for the wait, as I said, I was traveling :P
    7. Luck>Skill
      About the importable of the team, I'll send it to you on friday, it's on my home pc, and I'm in Uni this week ;-;. Friday night you'll receive it :x
    8. Noodlez
      I don't remember saving the log. You can ask Latimaster for it. Let me check if I have it. I will pm you my team now.
    9. Noodlez
      VM'ing to say you forgot to update a pairing, me and latimaster. I won.
    10. yiran
      In your tour, you spelt Latimaster's name wrong.

      Juuuuuuuuuuuuust saying
    11. Treecko
      Hi just letting you know I changed my name from Purplefingers, so you should change the pairings for your tournament.
    12. DarkDiglett
      Hey, im your opponent in the tournament, when do you want to do the battles, i may not to be able to get on this weekend but im pretty flexible after that :)
    13. Noog
      Err, who are you?
    14. Twistedspoon
      hi noog.. :3
    15. For The Troll
      For The Troll
      I lol'd on ur post on "two items on one pokemon" thread :3
    16. Noog
      Err, what? I don't speak that language. Sorry.
    17. Maariu123
      czesc kto polak?:D
    18. -AlphaAmpharos-
      Epic Eevee. ._.
    19. yiran
      Check the Nickname game thread ._.
    20. eric the espeon
      eric the espeon
      Are you interested in running a little awards thing when the counter game hits 1000 posts? Hardest to counter set, most imaginative counter, best disprove (show that a posted counter is not actually one), best poster/worst poster, maybe a couple of others. I was thinking post a nom thread, ask people to PM with votes, then post the winners with a couple of lines talking about each? Am open to suggestions though. Can ask someone else/do it myself if you're not interested.
    21. Noog
      Yeah, I'm lonely. :D

      And no, I'm not his apprentice. I'm just... Well, let's say I'm an affiliate.
    22. Yuki Nagato
      Yuki Nagato
      How come you have no friends? o.o

      On a side note : Ever since i read that Archer made yur avatar i've alwas been imagining you as his apprentice for sum reason... Wierd i know.
    23. Jcpdragonx
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