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Dec 4, 2010
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Apr 20, 2017


I do not jump for joy. I frolic in doubt. , Female, from London

    1. Duster
      do u dip your blunts in tea
    2. Fiery Espeon
      Fiery Espeon
      we need to fight for POVT. im gmt-5, I should be on like 12- 8 PM my time this whole so week so shouldnt be a problem
    3. Finchinator
      we have 11 more days to play for pot and guess formally scheduling couldn't hurt
      gmt-5, weekday late afternoons and evenings + weekends work best
      tell me whenever works best for you i suppose
    4. Void
      we're playing xy ou for upper tier showdown, when's good for you? i'm gmt+0
    5. Kody
      plow me

    6. Virizion
      Oml your avvy LOL
    7. Finchinator
      when will you be on today to fite for WoC?
    8. ShadowLatiosExes
      Wait you're catbug?!
    9. Foxy The Pirate(Ajali)
      Foxy The Pirate(Ajali)
    10. Foxy The Pirate(Ajali)
      Foxy The Pirate(Ajali)
      I dont know how?? :'(
    11. Foxy The Pirate(Ajali)
      Foxy The Pirate(Ajali)
      I Promise ill be Good
    12. Foxy The Pirate(Ajali)
      Foxy The Pirate(Ajali)
      Aurist Please un ban me from Po Server :'(
    13. chuzzle1
      We're supposed to battle for the Fixing Up OU Tourney, so just let me know when you want to or can.
    14. palkia62
      We're opponents for the Top Choice tour. I'm GMT +1 so what time can you play?
    15. Whereabouts Unknown
      Whereabouts Unknown
      Hey, what times can you pay for POWC?
    16. SteelEdges
      Anyone have a sandwich to feed to that poor pale boy? Make sure it has lots of enriched iron.. he looks very anemic...

      did you see this comment? you really need to sig it.
    17. The Dude
      The Dude
      I'll have stable internet from my time around 2pm (GMT+13). That's probably too late for you so I'll also be on 10pm - midnight again if you can make that.
    18. The Dude
      The Dude
      We have to play for Inverted tour and deadline is soon. I actually don't have net due to a Cyclone but my cousin does and I'm gonna go over there tomorrow to get uni work and other matches done. So can you make 8 - 10pm my time tomorrow?

      Edit: might not make that time lmao but i'll be online at midnight probs.
    19. Virizion
      CAP is Ded :c

      Hopefully my server that will be made of the 28th or 29th of this month shall revive it. :]
    20. P.10 ID
      P.10 ID
      are you crazy right?
      I am on the server since 6 pm -.-
    21. P.10 ID
      P.10 ID
      what is your alt?
    22. P.10 ID
      P.10 ID
      since 6 pm*
    23. P.10 ID
      P.10 ID
      are you crazy? I am on server since 18 pm waiting for you -.-
    24. P.10 ID
      P.10 ID
      lets battle now, I am online, like you.
    25. P.10 ID
      P.10 ID
      you can see me with this alt. and you? I will be on server tonight
    26. P.10 ID
    27. P.10 ID
      P.10 ID
      hi, where do u want to battle? I am + 00 gmt
    28. followne
      Let's play asap, my team's approved
    29. followne
      wanna play the tourney or what? followne
    30. -Mike-
      we gotta battle again for inverted tour
      Im +5:30, will be online from 1:30 to 4:30 PM GMT, can come on other times if holiday, will be on on #mafia and #tournaments
      when fit
    31. Disaster Area
      Disaster Area
      VMing to say that the CAP project looks interesting. Since the group seems to be full of decent players but not overloaded, I'd definitely be interested in joining
    32. -Mike-
      Js, I rarely come to tohjo :x. Ive been there for 2 days to look for you often but you were not on :x
    33. -Mike-
      We have to battle for the Underused tourney
      Im +5:30, will be online from 1:30 to 4:30 PM GMT, can come on other times if holiday, will be on on #mafia and #tournaments
      So when do we fight?
    34. davidness
      we have to playwhen you can. I'm time gtm-6
    35. Scatterbrain
      Mind if I join the CAP thingy?
    36. Virizion
      May I join CAP Testing Team, I posted on pnerd's thread if you're interested. :)

      EDIT: After 1 week later and forgetting to edit this, thanks. ~
    37. Kland
      I have no idea why your being topped over me lgi wrath of kland gmt +0
    38. Scatterbrain
      Is combusken banned from Middle Cup forum tour?

      I'm pretty sure it's yes but double checking cuz it wasnt mentioned in the matchup thread
    39. LCampoy8
      Hey I'm your next opponent for round 3 in the tournament. My username is LC8. Let me know when you can battle, I'm GMT -8 btw.
    40. Gilad
      Aurist :3
      Long time no see.
      I wanted to download the client, yet it says network error each time (tried both exe and zip). Is there any other way of doing it?
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