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Dec 4, 2010
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Apr 20, 2017


I do not jump for joy. I frolic in doubt. , Female, from London

    1. zeroality
      That's a cool picture in your sig. Did you happen to get that from an image gallery full of similar Pokemon images? If so, I want the URL please.
    2. Mylo Xyloto
    3. Hobbes2
      Egh, yeah I guess that's one of the bad ones. I'll try working harder to not make stupid shit like that.
    4. Hobbes2
      Thanks, apology accepted, but care to give an example? I mean yeah some of my posts are bad ._. bust most of them actually contribute to the discussion / suspect / whatever it is.
    5. Hobbes2
    6. Dr. Doom
      Dr. Doom
      252Atk Choice Band +6 Adaptability Rampardos (+Atk) Rollout vs 4HP/0Def -6 lvl 1 Shedinja (-Def): 1033095600% - 1215406800% (10330956 - 12154068 HP). Guaranteed OHKO.
    7. Dr. Doom
      Dr. Doom
      Well done!
    8. Luck>Skill
      Hey man! I noticed you put me as a "preferred tutor", and since Suzaliscious had to quit the server indefinitely, I have room for 1 more tutee. And I was thinking about picking you (:3=
    9. suzaliscious
      Okay, I have server access and my timezone is now GMT + 5:30.
    10. suzaliscious
      Hey, today's about the last day I can actually get the battle done. I'm not going to have server access for a while after tonight.
    11. suzaliscious
      Do you want to get the Middle Cup battle done today?
    12. suzaliscious
      Hey, we're opponents for the MC tourney. I'm not free till wednesay earliest though.
    13. Galblade
    14. Galblade
      The secret stuff in your siggy is bugged just so you know.
    15. champagne papi
      champagne papi
      Hey wanna be in the Well's poll?

      p.s: bronzong sucks
    16. User Name
    17. champagne papi
    18. -AlphaAmpharos-
      Should've sent this earlier.

      Welcome back. :)
    19. champagne papi
      champagne papi
      hey would you like to be in the well's poll?
    20. twofivefive
      Aurist is back! Sweet!
    21. -AlphaAmpharos-
      Last Activity
      May 9th, 2011 19:12

    22. -AlphaAmpharos-
      Aurist I haven't seen you online for ages. Come back. ;_;
    23. Eternal
      You've been chosen as a candidate for the PO well. If you're interested in partaking, then reply by posting on my Visitor Messages.
    24. -AlphaAmpharos-
      'Sup Aurist! I am honored to be the first person to message on your profile. :)
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    PO Resident Slut
    (01:53:01) ±Dratini: Heather Star changed auth of Aurist to slut
    (20:42:50) ±Dratini: Strudels changed auth of Aurist to slut
    (21:04:08) +Crystal Moogle: Aurist is a pretty girl
    (00:15:36) +Professor Oak: aurist (00:15:40) +Professor Oak: let's fuck
    (19:41:41) +Hikari: dame duro por el culo
    (05:22:27) Versace Python Kody: plow me harder aurist (05:22:28) Versace Python Kody: :$
    (00:22:46) +[LD]Jirachier: Bot: Aurist's cup size is GG.

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