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B. Rizzo
May 1, 2010
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Nov 27, 2016

B. Rizzo

A relic of the past, given new life., Male, from Ocala, FL

I'm loving the new forums, feels like VFDC and runs just as smooth. May 31, 2014

    1. B. Rizzo
      B. Rizzo
      I'm loving the new forums, feels like VFDC and runs just as smooth.
    2. Mestre Nando
      Mestre Nando
      We need to fight for the POCL, Reserves R2.

      I'm GMT -3, usually online on the afternoons. Hope to see you soon, sorry for late VM, was out.
    3. Django
      Just to let you know there are still another 7 or so weeks to go in this tournament, so if you still want to play then your very welcome to
    4. Porengan
      Hey, we need to fight for the POCL.
      My timezone is GMT+2, what are your times?
      You can find me on the officlen POCL CHannel.
    5. CrashinBoomBang
      Hey, could you come to the server as soon as possible for the POCL tournament ? PM either me or Django on the server so we can let you into the team channel, we want so avoid having to sub you out :x
    6. Simply Angle
      Simply Angle
      The best at what? Beside the best at viewing messages late. xD
    7. Professor Oak
    8. ThatIsWhatSheSaid
      Hey man, I'm your opponent for the Official P.O. tourney and we have until July 1st to get our battle done! PM me with an idea of what times work for you!
    9. Wulfert
      You kinda remind me of Barney Stinson from the serie "How I Met Your Mother".
      Since you have the group "Legendary". :3
    10. Rayquaza-X
      October 18th or sometime near that, I searched for Pokemon Online. (to play Pokemon| to play online) Wow, look at the title, a complete coincidence. lol
    11. evolutia
      You might as well Email me, I've been very busy. [email protected] or my gmail (you should have it).
    12. evolutia
      Sorry Rizzo, I barely ever check back if I'm logged in here. I will be home from work around 9:00ish tonight and I will be on PO.
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    April 13
    Ocala, FL
    PO Trainer Name:
    B. Rizzo
    I just have fun doing what I love, whippin ass in simulation pokemon.


    Celebrating 10 years of simulation Pokemon.
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