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Ale Duncan
Apr 1, 2014
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    1. Song of Wind
      Song of Wind
      dude you dont exist, you are impossible to find out ?_?
      come to smogtours so we can play, not even your team knows where to find you
    2. TGMD
      Hey we're battling for powc. I'm gmt + 13 and I will have little to no internet access on my saturday and most of my sunday, so we may need to battle on a weekday, and I usually get home at around 4 pm my time, so let's play sometime after then
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      2. Ale Duncan
        Ale Duncan
        Sunday it's fine :]
        Po/ps ?
        Mar 23, 2015
      3. TGMD
        PS, around 9 pm my time :]
        Mar 25, 2015
      4. Ale Duncan
        Ale Duncan
        I'm on smogtours, nick Montreal n_n
        Mar 29, 2015
    3. Monsters of Men
      Monsters of Men
      I'm currently on smogtours under this name. PM me when you get on. I might have to go to dinner soon though.
      1. Monsters of Men
        Monsters of Men
        EDIT: I have to eat dinner, i'll be back in about 15-20 minutes. sorry.
        Jun 8, 2014
    4. Draciel
      also, why cant u battle on PO?
      smogon has different banlists i think
      1. Ale Duncan
        Ale Duncan
        i've always play on ps with my oppo without any problems, playing on po it's impossible for me, anyway now i'm on http://smogtours.psim.us/ , i'm waiting for you
        May 20, 2014
    5. Draciel
      yea abt 6 sounds right :)
      1. Ale Duncan
        Ale Duncan
        I'm probably arriving for 6.30 :/ , c u on showdown smogontours channel
        May 20, 2014
    6. Draciel
      thats a bit late for me as it'll be like past midnight and i have school next day
      can u make it a little early?
      1. Ale Duncan
        Ale Duncan
        Well, i'll try to be on for mmm, 6/7 pm ok?
        May 19, 2014
    7. Draciel
      hello :)
      i'm ur new opponent now...when will u be on? looking forward to our match
      i'm on +5.5
      1. Ale Duncan
        Ale Duncan
        Hi :]
        I can play only tomorrow night from 9 pm on ps, is that ok for you?
        May 19, 2014
    8. ALLALA
      hi we're opps for powc, we don't have a pretty big time difference between us but ill be availiable practically all week but I wanna play maybe Wednesday-Friday
      P.S. its very easy to find me on server under this nickname
    9. Pokemon United
      Pokemon United
      hi we're opps for powc, we have a pretty big time difference between us but ill be available all weekend and normally from 3-5pm central time on the weekdays.
      1. Ale Duncan
        Ale Duncan
        i think that is better to play during the weekend
        Apr 22, 2014
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