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Hector's Planet
Apr 1, 2014
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Nov 5, 2014
    1. xtrashine
      when fight
      1. Hector's Planet
        Hector's Planet
        weekend n_n
        Oct 10, 2014
      2. xtrashine
        where u at doe
        Oct 12, 2014
    2. Tox
      When fite?
      1. Isa
        [12:54:33] Popo: I'll play against him in stours hour i think
        [12:54:39] Axel "Isa" Wik: alright ^_^
        [12:55:08] Axel "Isa" Wik: tox has made an activi pos *-*
        [12:55:19] Axel "Isa" Wik: so you should tell him that you can play during the weekend
        [14:11:22] Popo: Im not from pc now
        [14:11:33] Popo: Can you post 4 me please?
        [14:47:42] Axel "Isa" Wik: sure
        Oct 1, 2014
    3. dragonuser
      hi when do u want to play
    4. Dasdardly
      Hi, you're playing @dragonuser for POCL, what does your schedule look like this weekend so that we can get the match set up?
    5. pokeaimMD
      hi i'm gmt-4 we play for week 2. when can you play? i'm available to play nights my time around 1 am
      1. Hector's Planet
        Hector's Planet
        im gmt+2 , im very nerd, if you want u can add me on skype
        Aug 25, 2014
      2. Hector's Planet
        Hector's Planet
        ask new breed :]
        Aug 25, 2014
      3. pokeaimMD
        Aug 29, 2014
    6. Laurel
      Yo im gmt -5 im really busy so what times work for you?
      1. Hector's Planet
        Hector's Planet
        i can play every day, tell me when u can play
        Aug 20, 2014
    7. Maxedofhaxed
      hey when do you want to fight for UUCL? I'm gmt-4
      1. Hector's Planet
        Hector's Planet
        im on po with the nick forbidden memories
        chan #imp or #little italy
        Aug 7, 2014
    8. Slayer
      hey when do you want to fight for UUCL? Just suggest a time between like 2pm and 12pm my time (GMT +2) and I'll see if I can make it.
      1. Hector's Planet
        Hector's Planet
        u can find me every day on the po league chan with the nick forbidden memories :]
        Jul 29, 2014
      2. Slayer
        kk I'll just PM you then :]
        Jul 29, 2014
    9. Sinclair
      When Fight?
    10. Roku
      Hey, we're fighting for UUCL, when are you generally on? I'm GMT -6 or 5 or something and am on evenings my time. I can be on starting at like 4 to 1 am or something. I can do pretty much any time of the day on the weekends.
    11. Hector's Planet
    12. ! HC ! Angelite
      ! HC ! Angelite
      Hey. We appear to be opponents for POWC week four. When are you available?
    13. Kid Buu
      Kid Buu
      I will be waiting on Smog Tours server as Kid Buuu. Come and challenge me. If I don't respond right away then I am probably afk. I will try to check it a couple times every hour.
    14. Kid Buu
      Kid Buu
      Yo i know its late for you, but did you get my pm?
    15. Kid Buu
      Kid Buu
      i amd gmt -5 and i can play tomorrow 5-10 pm and sunday nearly all day.
      1. Hector's Planet
        Hector's Planet
        im gmt +2, its hard lol
        can we play at 3 pm gmt -? please
        Apr 25, 2014
      2. Kid Buu
        Kid Buu
        i wont get home until at least 4 pm
        Apr 26, 2014
    16. dodrio watcher
      dodrio watcher
      Hi we have to play for pwcop. I'm not going to be here from Thursday to late Sunday so could we play today or tomorrow? I'm pretty flexible with my times and am EST. The only times I can't really play are school hours and from 5-7 PM today.
      1. Hector's Planet
        Hector's Planet
        if you want now im online
        Apr 22, 2014
    17. Wepwn
      we're paired for powc. my schedule is pretty open i'm gmt -4, hmu with what times you can play
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