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Apr 1, 2014
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Feb 20, 2017

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    1. Annoying Orange
    2. The Alio
      The Alio
      When fight for uu team tour
    3. SOMALIA
      Monotype round 2:

      Times available:
      Wednesday 8:30pm-1am
      Thursday All day
      Friday 5:00pm-11:00pm
      1. Brycen-Man
        What time zone are these?
        Mar 23, 2016
      2. SOMALIA
        sorry, gmt+0
        Mar 25, 2016
    4. Sam Holmes
      Sam Holmes
      hey when do u wanna battle for the inv mono? my team is up and until this friday i can only do 6pm -12 am gmt +5:30. After friday it's much easier for me cuz work ends.
    5. SOMALIA
      Tournament: No mega tournament round 1
      Timezone: GMT+0
      Availability: Tuesday (10-11:30pm) / Wednesday (1-5pm) (9-10pm) / Friday (7pm-10pm)
    6. Troller
      Rby OU tour, when fight? I'm gmt +1
    7. Edna
      Hi when play final top choice
    8. Dominique-XLR
      Hi, we got paired in WoC. My timezone is GMT+6 and I'm usually on 11.30 pm to 2.00 am in Tohjo/Tour Channel/[TR] as [TR] Dominique-XLR or just Dominique-XLR. My usual time is probably noon where you live and I'm guessing that's not too convenient for you. However I'm available on Friday for longer period from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm and on Saturday from 10.00 am to 2.30 pm. Let me know when you want to play.
      Sup we gotta play for LTT. Noon to midnight (GMT +5) is when I'm usually on, as Meh or SpookySkelington (idek why).
      So yeah when do you wanna play
    10. tobyfant
      Sorry for contacting so late, Can you play tomorrow? My timezone is GMT+1 and I can only play from 1 pm tomorow till the night
      1. Brycen-Man
        Sorry I wrote on the wrong profile, your 2 hours ahead of me so should be hard to find time, I'll be busy tomorrow, but during the week I should be able to get on it at night like 9pm your time
        Oct 18, 2015
    11. amber lamps
      amber lamps
      hi we got paired for the LTT, when do you wanna play? im gmt +2
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      2. amber lamps
        amber lamps
        you there? im on little italy channel as amberlamps if you wanna play now
        Oct 15, 2015
      3. amber lamps
        amber lamps
        rip i was there. anyway can you tell me another day to schedule? if youre having trouble we can play next week
        Oct 16, 2015
      4. Brycen-Man
        Sorry some things came up Tues and weds, I was on Thursday but didn't know what channel to look in. I should be free during the week
        Oct 18, 2015
    12. Jethalal
      We are opp for the UU tour im active on evenings +5:30 when can we get this done?
    13. SOMALIA
      We have to play the UU Tournament, I am gmt+1 and got exams all next week however can battle during evenings gmt+1
      1. SOMALIA
        Deadline approaches, once again, when is convenient?
        Aug 29, 2015
    14. snaga
      when fight for the ou tour I'm ready whenever
    15. Finchinator
      when do you want to play for the best of battles tour? gmt-4 and can play during afternoons and weekends any day bar thursday
      1. VirajVora
        @Finchinator and @Brycen-Man , Can you do your match if given 2 days ?

        If not, then I need the screenshot Brycen-Man has and any other proofs if you both have and I will act accordingly...
        Jul 11, 2015
      2. Finchinator
        why should he get an extension? he hasn't responded all round while i have been active all round. it is a clear activity win for me
        Jul 11, 2015
    16. useless champion
      useless champion
      brycen man we both are opponents in best of battles.When can we have battle?The battles between us are monotype,oras ou and inverted battle
    17. Finchinator
      when play for uu tour thing
    18. 無敵の力
      Hey, we are paired for POT, I am. GMT+8, when can you play?
    19. Celestial Phantom
      Celestial Phantom
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